Hamsphere 4, Starting transceiver, please wait..
2018-12-26 09:46
This morning I want to start Hamsphere 4 as usual, normally I have no problems.. but now I see, Starting receiver, please wait.. but nothing happens! Tried it several times, the same result.

After that I have uninstalled Hamsphere 4, removed all and installed Hamsphere 4 again on my laptop.

But still the same problem.

So after login, it is said, logged in as 19hs1787 etc..
Then I click on Transceiver and I select then Default transceiver, I click on Ok and Hamsphere 4 says: Starting Tranceiver. Please wait..

Nothing happens, Any advise is welcome.. Here on to my emailaddress: hansstam2012@gmail.com

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