2010-10-31 00:35
Je voudrais savoir ce que veux dire "PIN" lors du loggin a Hamsphere et ou on peut trouver une "PIN"

Re: connection
2010-10-31 08:07
PIN # & PASSWORD are the same thing...................

When you Registered on the FORUM you got a PASSWORD .......... Use that nuber to also to log onto the RADIO as PIN #.............

If you forgot ... or wish a NEW PIN#/ Password ............. on the FORUM you can select " FOGOT PASSWORD" and get a NEW ONE ..............

73 Vic
Re: connection
2011-04-09 02:42
My connection seems to be alright BUT: when I click on the "Help" button I get a little blue warning tab that appears in the middle of the screen that says "Application Not found." then it proceads to tell me to go to http://wwwhamsphere/help So I go to this sit and ani't nobody home to help me. I took the puter to my tech and he had it for two days but could not find that anything was wrong.....Whats going gang, can you or someone help. I ani't found anyone that has had this problem.......I use this "Help" button a lot to help with my logs... Help, Help, Help,

Rich. 2HS324 ( a HAMSPHERE lover )
Re: connection
2012-08-07 18:31
can,t connect to any qsl instructions , help buttons don,t work,tryed to download several times now,also changed password ten times,nothing seems to work!!!.only radio and transmiter works i can receive and transmit alright.
Re: connection
2012-08-07 18:39
Dear Lance, I have created a QSL template for you.

Please click here to see your QSL cards

Please click here to edit your QSL templates

Re: connection
2013-03-06 15:08
A qui de droit un ami essai de se connecter à hamsphere depuis 4 jours sans succès pouvez vous m'indiquer la marche à suivre pour pouvoir télécharger le programme pour 1 an je vous donne ses coordonnées s.v.p. de l'aide serais très appécier . mon ancien indicatif était 9HS1423

merci beaucoup

Camil Charbonneau 9HS2324
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