Usb microphone
2011-10-25 19:29
Hello all...

I'd just like to ask if any you guy's have used a USB microphone with Hamsphere, I was thinking of buying one but thought I'd ask before doing so. 73s and regards.

26HS 3159
Re: Usb microphone
2011-10-26 07:10
Hello Andrew and welcome to HamSphere,

A USB Microphone works just fine with the program. Even the "el cheap o" models are good.
As with any microphone used with the HamSphere Program there will be some set-up involved.
The HamSphere Manual covers the set-up. If you have trouble ask just the Forum.

Have fun and "73's"

Scott KD8PJP
Re: Usb microphone
2011-10-26 10:28
Hello Andrew
I have the LOGITECH G930 with a lot of software.
There are5 buttons on the Headset, programable to Hamsphere.

Example PTT ON/OFF.
Mike ON/Off
AND he is wireless

Great headset

Gr Geert

LAT 48.446400
LONG 9.986000
Re: Usb microphone
2011-10-26 18:40
Guy's....Thanks so much for the info, I've decided to go for the Blue Yeti microphone, it's had some great reviews and I was really looking for a desk mic. Thanks again 73s & regards.
Re: Usb microphone
2014-02-26 19:48
hi looking for a usb desk mic for hamsphere I am not looking for a head set just a authentic desk mic type

cheers Raymond
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