HamSphere_4.010a won't start
2019-11-02 22:35
HamSphere_4.010a won't start, even when am logged in, need an answer Please thanks.
Re: HamSphere_4.010a won't start
2019-11-02 22:39
4.010 won't start on my PC anymore ,Windows 10 even if am logged in
Re: HamSphere_4.010a won't start
2019-11-02 22:42
Re: HamSphere_4.010a won't start
2021-03-18 20:57
Trying to open Hamsphere 4.0.10a on a Mac PRO laptop
Hamsphere will not open with Mac MOJAVE OS 10.14.6
PROMPT says that the "Hamsphere install" is a suspicious program and may be malware.
It then says install/start files need to be updated by provider- (which is Hamsphere)

I have tried entering the cd Download "native" program in Terminal Mode that was suggested in the Forum,
but with 4.0.10a - Terminal Mode won't even look at it it used to.
My Java is up to date.
I'm out of ideas and going on 2 weeks of trying to get on the air.

Somebody else must have had this problem
H E L P!!!
Re: HamSphere_4.010a won't start
2021-04-15 00:43
I have a Mac with BigSur and Hamsphere will not run. It says I need to run as an administrator, I know how to use SUDO in terminal to do that but what is the executable file that is Hamsphere?
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