Spotting of DXP and Remote Stations
2019-09-13 15:05
It is my opinon that it would make operation for operators on Dxpeditions like IOHS, COHS, LOHS simpler and less confusing if the rigs defaulted to DXMON off. Possibly with the option of turning DXMON on if the operator wishes. This could be done by inclusion of the Spot On or Off plug in.

Basic rigs and other Dxpedition rigs, as well as Remotes would also benefit if the rigs had the option of DXMON off or on.

“ Cluster Chasers” who just follow the spots and do not listen before transmitting make it difficult for the operators on Dxpeditions, remotes, and the IOHS COHS and LOHS to enjoy their operation.

This change, if implemented make the Hamsphere experience more enjoyable for all.

Thank you
Wayne Anderson 9HS4755

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