HS and Java on debian Linux
2019-05-04 14:21

is there anyone who can answer to me which JRE version is recommended to use on debian linux (running ubuntu 14 and raspbian 9) ?

I am trying to run hamsphere_3.0.3.2.jar and HamSphere_3.1.5.jar and running into some issues.

Some experience.... to avoid stumbling around.

I have run successfully one of 3x versions on Mac with Java6. But in the meantime industry went on - Java6 is virtually not available, Java7 is not available from producer (oracle) currently only available as alternative (redhat support line), current Java is 8 or 9 but does not seem to be running HS code well.

Java 8 is also available as alternative.

I doubt I can mound Java6 on modern linux (highly discouraged due security issues).

If you have HS working stable on linux - what are you using? (EXACTLY)

thank you in advance.
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