FLDIGI Rig Profile
2018-04-21 16:16
Having enjoyed voice operation successfully on SSB Hamsphere 4 I have attempted use the Digital modes.
Many road block I have occurred. FLDIGI was my choice to operate because I had experience with it previously.
My biggest road block was there is no Rig Profile in the FLDIGI software package for Hamsphere 4 so I am forced to use XML-RPC.

The YouTube video's have a workaround but they require additional actions and I want automatic.

It would be a huge thing if such a Rig Profile could be made available to us users and many others who would join the growing success of Hamsphere.

Perhaps I have overlooked a solution that is currently out there, if so please advise. Perhaps Kelly is already has a solution which he is planning to Market to us?

I have purchased the Codec Module and run Win10/64 Desktop with Java and the stereo mixer chosen.
To date I have not made one CW contact.

The people on the Help Desk are great but they keep sending back to the You Tube sites.

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