Callsign/registration trouble
2009-12-11 21:28
I've somehow managed to get myself in a total pickle regarding my callsign. Having just downloaded the Hamsphere 2.0 jar for my Linux (Ubuntu) system, I ran it and entered my callsign from Hamsphere 1. My browser opened the activation page but when I tried to activate it, I was told that I had an invalid callsign (it was 'GHS407'). I read the country code list, then typed the prefix from the list ('27') and suddenly, my callsign was changed to the unwieldy 'UNITED KINGDOMHS101', and my password was reset. What's happened and can I get my old callsign back?

Thank you,
Re: Callsign/registration trouble
2009-12-11 22:57
Hello Lex.

I can assign for you a new country code such as 26.
So your callsign would be next available in the 26-division. Would that be satisfactory?

Going back to your old callsign would not be an option as GHS407 is not a properly formatted callsign either.

having same problem cant get in
Re: Callsign/registration trouble
2009-12-12 01:25
Dear Users.

Please have a look at this link

It explains a little about the HamSphere callsign standard.

Re: Callsign/registration trouble
2009-12-12 03:41
To Kelly:

Thanks - if you could assign me a new country code, that'd be great - just so I could login and try the software. I have seen the page that you suggested several times, but I admit that I don't understand what a country code is. I thought that by 'country code' you meant an ISO country code, such as 'GB', but maybe it's the prefix in the table (I tried that).

The closest thing I could find was:
26 ENGLAND G 14 27

... so I tried '26', and I originally had 'G', hence 'GHS'. I consider myself to be in the United Kingdom (UK), or Great Britain (Golf Bravo - specified phonetically to avoid the smiley feature), even though I am in the 'England part' of the UK. It'd be a lot simpler if we had fewer names for our country. :)


Re: Callsign/registration trouble
2009-12-13 10:21
26HS243 is spot on.