Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2016-11-08 22:00
Hello group,

I have both HS 3.0 and 4.0 on my laptop with WIN 10. I can pickup and hear on all bands and freq's using 3.0, but when I try to get then on 4.0 there's nothing but white noise. I've set the ports (5000 & 5001) in the firewall and still nothing. I use the G5RV, IDC vert. and VU2NSB antennas. Getting nothing. Can hit (I think) the servers using DXMON. Any suggestions?

Re: Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2016-11-11 07:55
I have similar problem. HS3 is okay on windows 7. HS4 is inoperative on windows 7 AND windows 10. Nothing but white noise.
Re: Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2017-10-17 23:56
Same problem happens on Mac 64 bits running OS X 10.11.6. All bands dead. On Hamsphere 3.0 it works fine.
Re: Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2018-08-27 22:26
Exactly the same problem. I followed the procedure on adding ports 5000,5001,80 to my firewall. I also installed java jre 801 for 64 and 32 bit online and offline. No help whatsoever. I guess I am not the only one with this problem. Is there a bug somewhere. I am not certain that I ever had any signals on HS4. I have purchase a number of add ons including different antennas. Something was mentioned about plugging in a headset or mic. I do have a mike which is plugged in the usb. Any ideas would be appreciated. Would like very much to go on the air. I know I can use HS3 but I rather have HS4. It looks like the real thing. Thanks fellow hams and 73's. K6RVD. Mel
Re: Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2018-09-11 16:31
Hi Mel,

depending on propagation I would try to enter one of the nearest "Cluster" entries. E.g. if you see a UTC of 09:13 and the UTC is 09:20, click on the frequency and listen, if you hear the spotted station. If not, try another one and so on.
If e.g. 20 meters should be "open" for you and you can't hear any station at this band and don't see any peak on bandscope, something is wrong indeed.

Otherwise the fact is, that maybe not so many operators are "QRV" at this time, or not in range for the current band and propagation.
Normally you should can hear a few stations at most times of a day. Not as much as on a real radio (of course), but a few.
If there is nothing on higher bands, try the lower bands next (40 - 160 meters). Try it a couple of days - and if the problem is still going on, there is something wrong with your setup.

And last: You don't need special and expensive antennas to hear a little bit. It's possible to hear stations and make QSOs with the IDC vertical or G5RV dipol as well, like in the real world. Maybe with lower signals than a Quad or Yagi antenna at DX-contacts, but it IS possible.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: Not picking uo on HS 4.0
2018-12-07 16:58
i am having the same problem with not picking up anything on 4.
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