Help with the "Settings" especially the headset mic.
2015-07-21 21:51
After being on HS for over 2 years, I am getting complaints about 1) Over modulating and 2) no bass to my voice only treble. I have changed the settings around and used the recording on 1823.45 to see if I can hear the difference when I change the VOX, Comp, etc. but I cannot. I have checked the mic menu on the computer (W8) and everything seems to be OK. This is a different and new desktop computer, and the HS Settings are from the old W7 computer. Suggestions.
Re: Help with the "Settings" especially the headset mic.
2015-07-22 11:22
I think it's depending on your different soundcard-settings and features.

VOX has nothing to do with the "quality" of your modulation, absolutely not. It is just an automatic way of transmitting after a noise, instead of pressing your PTT-Key, nothing more. It doesn't change anything on your modulation or sound-quality.

On soundcards there are sometimes "special-effects" like room simulations, "Equalizer", "Sustain" and so on.
You should turn of all of this for your microphone and bring the level (gain) on 100% for a Headset-Microphone.
Then go to your HamSphere-Radio and REDUCE your MIC-GAIN very cloth to the left side, maybe into the 7 o'clock position.
That should give the best result.

On HS 4 you can control it very well by watching your "S-Meter" while transmitting: On the very lower scale you see an "ALC", which means "Automatic Level Control".
Try to keep the needle into the first part of the green area (up to around 1.5). This gives you the best result of modulation. All other ranges will bring a "dull modulation" or/and "overmodulation".

For using a build-in-mic on Notebooks and so on you have to increase the Microphone-Level on the Transmitter a little bit. But such microphones brings other "room-noises", reverb and so on. The best way (in my opinion) is to use a headset.
I do the same and I always get very good reports from other operators, normally Radio 5 "with stars".
When I used the build-in Mic (the first days on HS), it was very different...

Hope that will help you.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: Help with the "Settings" especially the headset mic.
2015-07-22 20:35
Thanks Jorg...will try your suggestions.
Re: Help with the "Settings" especially the headset mic.
2015-07-23 12:36
You're welcome. :-) Maybe you can post about the success/result later on.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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