HamSphere 4.0 Help Videos
2014-12-03 23:59
-- Do you have questions on how to get started on HamSphere 4.0?

-- Have you tried 4.0 but you wondered why you didn't find many signal spikes?

-- Do you wonder if you can really make contacts with the default simulated antenna that is included with the free HS4.0 transceiver?

-- Do you want to know more about how to use propagation prediction to see which bands are your best bet for contacts?

-- Do you wonder why stations don't just automatically show up in the 4.0 Dx Cluster?

-- Do you wonder what "DX Spotting" and "DX Monitors" are and how to use them?

-- Do you want to know more about how to customize your transceiver in the HS4.0 Editor?

-- Do you want to know why and how to use "split frequency" operation on HamSphere 4.0?

You're not alone! Questions like these are asked by nearly every new HS4.0 user. But don't despair. I've created a whole set of HS4.0 Help Videos and posted them to YouTube. There are 8 videos in the set so far and you can watch just the ones you want -- but I would recommend that all new users find the time to watch at least videos 1-4. They will help you get started on a successful and very fun time with HS4.0! 73 and Good DX.


You can access the link to the YouTube playlist from my hamsphere blog page: http://wb7ecw.hamsphere.net/

or, you could go direct to the YouTube playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLWBnYmFCFqH9rPWt611moThbfUkPhxWro
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