Kicked by Admin when using SSTV
2011-04-25 02:20
Hello everybody, Im brand new to Ham radio and Ive have been having some trouble with this fun new program. My friend recently told me about it and got me set up and told me the basics of it. So I went on and assumed to use the band plan provided by ARL and proceided to try and make a SSTV contact on the 6 Meter band. After sending my CQ, I received a private message from chat by an Administrator saying Welcome and you are free to use SSTV, however use the Ham Sphere Band Plan and only operate on the 30 Meter band. So, I tuned to a empty station twards the end of the band and resend my CQ (Scottie 1 mode) only to be kicked by an admin half way thru my CQ. If someone can inform me what I am doing wrong, that would be great. I am afraid to log back in and try again untill i find out what Im doing wrong.


Re: Kicked by Admin when using SSTV
2011-04-25 12:57
Hello Alex KE5STY

I sent an Email to you explaining the Digital Mode situation .........

Hopefully it explains the situation !!

73 Look to have QSO with you on HamSPhere Welcome!!!

2012-02-04 18:42
Hello, I have just installed and registered Hamsphere,how can I receive and store sstv pictures, there does not appear to be any help files to cover this problem
2012-02-05 01:42
Hello , I have just registered hamsphere, how can I receive and display SSTV pictures,also how do I save these pictures to my
Re: Kicked by Admin when using SSTV
2012-06-05 13:32
puedo recibir y mostrar imágenes de SSTV . que hace falta ?
Receiving SSTV
2012-06-14 23:20
I'd suggest something like Digital Master 780 - it supports most digital modes. You also need an audio loopback - either setting your input to stereo mix on DM and Hamsphere, or using something like Virtual Audio Cable or Virtual Audio Streaming. The virtual method would let you have separate "cables" - one for the transmitted signal, and one for the received.

You'll need to keep your microphone level low to avoid overmodulating - probably a max of 1.
Re: Receiving SSTV
2012-07-07 11:43
Hello to the Forum I 'll glad to receive the correct set up for EasyPal....TNX

Moscow RU
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