Switching Server on Mac
2012-11-29 15:36
When switching servers on a Mac, it crashes the application. I am running v3.0.3.2. Any help would be appreciated as it always picks a server on the wrong side of the world where the lag is horrible. I would like to default to Chicago if possible.
Re: Switching Server on Mac
2013-01-08 16:46
Hello John,

Same problem here. I've send a report to Apple though i doubt this will fix the problem. Hope someone has a solution.

Regards, Ed
Re: Switching Server on Mac
2013-01-17 19:48
Hello John,

I've had this reaction from the help desk:

It worked for me!

"The Java security issue is of no concern to standalone java applications like HamSphere. The Java security leak is only affecting "Java Plugins" in your web browser - so called Applets.

You should go to www.java.com and install their latest java. The version is written to work best in Java 7"


Ed 19HS1614
Re: Switching Server on Mac
2013-02-01 15:01
I've had a crash on a few changes to the Reykjavik server. I'm running the latest Java. We'll stay tuned and see if more intelligence comes forth on this problem.

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