Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-06-21 07:43
Hi all
getting started with ubuntu yesterday, which is a very fine op system, I realized that I'm having troubles with Hamsphere. I read all the forums, recommendations, help lines etc. etc.
Finally I've got a command line (terminal) command which is:

sudo apt-get install /system/hamsphere_3.2.0.8.jar then I've got :

reading package lists....done
building dependency tree.....done
reading state information....done
password (type in your password-cursor will not move but it's working)
and then:
unable to locate package /system

Can anybody help me with this or am I completely wrong, because the root program is defnitely in this folder. I've got the same error message in any other folder even when it is on the desktop.

Thanks in advance

13HS679 Bernie
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-06-22 00:01
Hi my friend

To run hamsphere on linux you just have to install the java from www.java.com after that excute the jar file with the java you have installed by going to: open with then choose java or use this command line

java -jar hamsphere_3.2.0.8.jar
at the terminal no root required

im using OpenSuse beta with java its working fine

Dont install it as packge coz its a java excutable not packge it just need to install the java and run it using the java or the command line that i gave it

Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-06-22 00:18
I also use Hamsphere with Ubuntu 12.04. Perhaps I can help you with your problem. It is not necessary to install Hamsphere. In fact, you should not try to do so. Make sure java is installed in Ubuntu. If you are not sure about this you can open the software center and search for "java". Java should be listed. If it is already installed, the icon will have a check mark. If it is not installed, then install it. Next , download the Hamsphere program file for linux and put it on your desktop. Now right click the Hamsphere program icon. You will tabs with general information, permissions and one that says "open with". Click the permissions tab and click on the box which says "open as a program" I believe. Then click on the "open with" tab. You will see several choices. Java should be listed among them. Click on "java" (whatever version is there. Should be version 6 or 7 or maybe both versions are listed. Version is the latest). You will see a box which says "set as default". Click on it so that java will open the file every time. Now close the tabs.
All you have to do now then you want to use Hamsphere is double-click the icon on your desktop and the program will be opened and run by java.
I hope I explained myself so that you understand what to do.

Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-06-22 06:13
both of the solutions won't work. Got an error message on the command line although Java is installed and on the file propertries Jave is not appearing........
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-06-22 06:37

thanks guys for your help. At least I found the java application in the software center and all over sudden JAVA appears in the properties and all I have to do is make the file executable.
I have an other problem. My hamsphere program window is too large for my netbook crt. How can I change this. Please help!!!
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2012-07-18 14:33
Try changing the Display Resolution on the computer !!

That does make a difference.........

Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2013-03-09 16:10
I put the jar file on my desktop and when I try to open it with the Java file I get the following:

t he file '/home/dan/Desktop/hamsphere_3.0.3.2(1).jar' is not marked as executable. If this was downloaded or copied from an untrusted source, it may be dangerous to run. For more details, read about the executable bit.

What do I do about this??
Thanks Dan WA6IRO
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2013-03-09 16:24
The file in itself is not executable. You will need the JVM Java Virtual Machine to run it.

Step 1: Make sure the Java jvm is installed in your Ubuntu. The easiest way to find out is to open a terminal window and type java
Otherwise you will need to go to www.java.com and get Java for linux.

Step 2: Download the HamSphere jar file to your home directory and save it as hamsphere.jar, open up a terminal window and run it such as java -jar hamsphere.jar

Now the application should start in your xwindows graphical environment.

Hamsphere and Ubuntu 12.10 Deb 64-Bit
2013-03-15 04:27

I have just acquired a new PC and had installed the Ubuntu 1 - ver 12.10 Debian 64-bit only. From reading all comments here, I understand there are differnt solutions to different Lunux versions.
I have not even tried to install the root files to the HamSphere Linux download. I am very new to Linux as started to use it yesterday and of the only things I am very lost and not used to is, to place files some place and then write codes to root files and so forth. I have never done it, only watched the store s technician do so at the very end after installing this ubuntu version yesterday 32-Bit by mistake and today, the proper one.
There seems not to be any recent video on this HS issue at youtube, bimeo and so forth. So, I kindly ask for help acquiring the skill to download out of ubuntu store and to properly install at this PC.

TNX & 73

Sal Salinas
Costa Rica
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2013-04-19 09:03
Cant DL the JAR-file from HamSphere homepage! Interested to run on my 10" Acer laptop with Ubuntu 13.04
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 14.04
2014-05-23 03:04
Got radio screen but audio error on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS i386

Got Error code 2206

Select playback device with command /play x

Don't know what to look for or where to put command to fix.
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2014-05-24 12:45
Does any other audio-application works correctly? Do you use the current audio drivers for this system?
There are some hints and messages about audio-problems with 14.04 LTS i386 in the Internet, maybe you are using the wrong (or no) driver for that.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: Hamsphere and Ubuntu 11212
2014-06-29 09:48
Try to change speaker device in HamSphere settings to another. For me device number 1 works perfectly on Ubuntu 14.04 64-bits. Just click Apply and select another server to connect and it should work. :)
Re: Hamsphere and pclinuxos
2014-12-10 19:18
help setting up to run with pclinuxos
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