CW Decoder to Text
2015-03-04 23:12
Hello HS Members..
Is there a CW Decoder around or a programe that can be linked to HS3..CW
To convert to Text on RX mode.. Any help most welcome.
Kind Regards.. Fred..26HS9329
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2015-06-23 20:50
Yes, probably the best known is FLDigi, which also does other digital modes. Another good one for windows is Ham Radio Deluxe. You can get the final release of version 5 for free, or there is the new version 6, which is commercial, but has a 30 day trial available. Both of these can be linked digitally to Hamsphere - built in stuff with linux, or a combination of VoiceMeeter and Eltima on windows. For automatic control of the rig, you would need to buy the Interface Adapter from the HS4 shop, which would let you set up a rigCat interface.

VoiceMeeter can be downloaded from
and Eltima is at

Hope this helps.

73 de Phil C

Phil Culmer
Corpsman 3rd Class, RMN
MarDet GNS Albion
QTH IO93sf
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2015-08-31 08:44
Is there any Instruction Manual for CW Keyer ANT010?
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2016-05-29 21:55
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2016-07-12 08:10
Hampshere Builders.
May you can make easy for radio station`s , What don`t understand CW beeps Da da da di di di dada.
May easy small option Below transceiver Light news ticker.

Some one send CW a decoder convert to Text ( in bode direction TX/RX)
1 TX [ Write cw cq dx cqx what ever ur type ] enter.
2 RX [ txt for qsl 73 51 ] Read ;)

I am wait for this option in future updates

Translator google Dutch / English it like more chinees :-)
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2019-04-06 13:22
hi is there a idiots guide for me to read on using a encoder and decoder on hamsphere 4 thank you.
Re: CW Decoder to Text
2019-05-21 20:59
Trasmettere in CW su Hamsphere 3 non è difficile per decodificare CW in ricezione cosa bisogna fare grazie
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