My PTT dose not work with my MAC, why?
2009-12-08 07:09
I can hear but I can't transmit. I have checked my input and output on the computer. I am using a mac os10.5 on a I Book using airport (wifi).
any suggestions will be appreciated.
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-08 14:46
Hello Mark
I assume you have already checked your mic to make sure its working. When you speak into the mic can you see the "S" meter move? I'll bet its a setting problem on your side.
Next time you have Hamsphere running, drop me a PM here and I'll meet you on any frequency and we'll see if we can work it out.
Jerry - N1TKO
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-08 22:51

As a beta-tester I was also unable to get TX audio working on any version of OS X from Tiger up to date. I spent hours configuring ports, reading logs and sniffing tcp and so on within the OS, the router being tested with XP as transparent. I communicated all to Kelly. We conclude it is a failure of the OS to communicate the Java authored audio stream to the hardware correctly. OS X Java im plementation has always been a bit cranky....

Shame but there it is 8-)

Good luck and let us all know if you make it work!


Another Mark
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-09 01:39
WoW Mark.... That was a mouth full! I really don't understand any of that stuff so you are way ahead of me. I hope you can figure something out. Its good to have guys like you around the Forum when people have technical problems.
Take care and best 73.... Also, Have a great Christmas and may 2010 bring you all the Java answers!!

Jerry - N1TKO
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-09 08:12
Hi Mark + Mark

This is extremely odd. My friend Bjorn/SM0MDG sat here in Cyprus with me and he has the Mac with OSX and we started the jar file. It worked right away. Good modulation.

I really want it to work on Mac for you guys. I wonder if any of you could contact me on MSN and I could do some tests. Also I need to read up on the Java implementation on the MAC. I think this error is very trivial.

Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-09 10:15
Hi Kelly

I dont use MSN Im afraid, I have experimented with OS X 10.4.11 - 10.5.8 (java up to date) on PPC of several types also using a borrowed MacBook Pro and an iMac using 10.5.8. I have not used Snow Leopard.... is that what Bjorn was using?

I suspected the OS firewall at first as its very "secretive" in its activity and hard to diagnose issues, but after some sniffing felt that there was a packet stream on TX it was just devoid of audio. In later HSphere versions I could see that I was TX a "carrier" as Hamsphere shows a spike. Hence the belief Java has the error.

I should add that its been like that from the very first version of Hamsphere you released... btw works 100% on XP box through the router and indeed on MBPro booting XP.

Be great if it could be sorted!

Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-11 10:47
I also cant transmit on ptt. Mic mic is all right in skype and MSN.
What can I do?
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-11 14:24
I just succeded in getting audio through to TX using a USB audio device. Its very, very distorted and rough however. Ill PM Kelly to see if that gives a lead on the cause.

Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-12 13:43
I often have problems with the microphone, becouse other programs like skype or music player keep messing with the controls.

If I want to set the mic level corretly, I have to tx and then make corrections.

It would be very nice to have a microphone indicator on the HS rig, so one does not need to actually transmit to check the mic level.
Re: ptt/no mic
2009-12-12 14:52
I agree! And I have an idea on how to do this.

It's on the TODO list.


> It would be very nice to have a microphone
> indicator on the HS rig, so one does not need to
> actually transmit to check the mic level.
Have you tried to kill all the processes (Skype, Msn et. all) before using the HS software? There could be an open hook, preventing the use of the PTT. Just a thought.
Re: My PTT dose not work with my MAC, why?
2010-02-11 07:42
I am using a G5 running 10.5 and a MacBook Pro running 10.6, both regularly updated, and have no problems transmitting or receiving.

I can have Safari, Firefox, Mail, Skype, Echolink and any number of applications running at the same same time as Hamsphere with no issues.

I have had a few failures/crashes on log-in but have been patient and managed to get in on second or third attempt. I can post the crash log if it will help..

However, it has been known for some time that Java for Mac is a little finicky and doesn't always work the same way as Java for Microsoft products, so this may be part of the problem.


Hamsphere Forum Moderator
Re: My PTT dose not work with my MAC, why?
2010-02-22 02:50
My MacBook/Pro with 10.6.2 (intel) has been functioning perfectly for about 6 hours continously.

F1 - F12 Key is not running on my IMac
2010-07-12 11:36
Hello .
I can not working with the F1 - F12 Key from my Imac --(Snow Leopard) and i can not give the Frequenz direct.
Also i have a Problem with change the Frequenz with the VFO -- Only 100 Khz ( from 14,155 > 14,100 ) I can not going on 14,050 ..

vy 73 de Jürgen DL9MBZ
Re: F1 - F12 Key is not running on my IMac
2010-07-12 11:58
Hi Jürgen,

On a Mac the F1 - F12 keys are used by Expose and Spaces by default. you have 2 options:

1: You will need to go into your system preferences and change the settings for both Expose and Spaces to be able to use the F keys.

2: If you are using a keyboard with an 'fn' key you may be able to hold down that key and press the 'F' key to do what you want.


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