DXing on HamSphere 4 with a Mobile Station
2021-03-09 15:45

I am experiencing DX with HamSphere 4 on a Smartphone since about a month.

I have activated all the available Plugins plus 3 extra antennas:
- Moxon 40m
- G5RV E-W
- GR5V N-S

Despite all my efforts, it is a very hard challenge every time I try to make a QSO on the frequency with a distant station.

I can only reach stations when there is not too much activity on the frequency, and I always get the same report: very weak signal, barely intelligible.

I fully understand that a mobile station can be in theory less productive than a classic one but it is at a point that in my experience it questions the very interest of even using the mobile application in those conditions.

Would anyone have a return of experience on the mobile app? Maybe an advice for a specific antenna that could help?

Thank you,

Re: DXing on HamSphere 4 with a Mobile Station
2021-03-10 22:12
These are the first answers/tactics I could find to make good DX with the mobile app:

1) Check the Mic Level & TX Power from the application (Start the application and from the keyboard on the welcome screen press "#" then "2". You will access a submenu onscreen: check that TX Power is set to 54W and Mic Level to 100%).

2) Check the Mic Level on your mobile phone. In my case, I have had no choice but to root the phone in order to access deep settings and be able to manually increase the Mic Level that was set too low in order to get the best from the app.

3) If you have a little budget you should at least buy the G5RV N/S and G5RV E/W antennas that give very good results in most Rx/Tx conditions on most of the bands. These are the basic antennas one should get to start DXing on the mobile.

4) I have made my best contacts on the mobile early in the morning and late in the evening, when there are not so many stations around. The reason for that is that it increases your chances to be heard in spite of the fact that in most cases you will have half the power of a standard station and less productive antennas.

5) Don't hesitate to insist and be very, very perseverant! Mobile DX takes time and a lot of efforts. So don't think you will just push the key and start chatting, it will take a little bit more than that based on my experience. I personally do appreciate this difficulty and once you will have overcome the first obstacles it will work fine for you.

Hope this will help.

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