Re: start Problems with Hamsphere 3.1.5
2020-10-19 08:33
Below worked on my Vaio Laptop. I hope this will help someone.

I've tried to write this for those who are not computer savy or are new to Ubuntu Linux. I would guess what I've written would work for other versions of linux with modifications.


Open Terminator/Terminal and log in as root. NO TYPO's, copy paste is best.

You can stay as user, and preface each command with sudo. Example: sudo update-alternatives –config java. It gets kind of annoying typing sudo all the time when entering commands. Just be cautious as root!! If you mess up you possibly can break your system.

I have a VAIO laptop that absolutely would not run Hamsphere_3.1.5.jar. I've seen many comments saying this was a software issue, no it is not. Vague installation instruction yes. I have multiple versions of Java on my laptop, so as root - update-alternatives --config java: javaruntime 8 manual was chosen as the default.

* Nano is a very simple screen editor. Some prefer vim, it's just a screen editor like nano. Personally, I think nano is easier to use.

Then as root: nano /etc/environment What you will see is a string of environment symbols for Ubuntu operation. I saw NOTHING concerning java anything. With nano use the right arrow and go to the end of the line where you'll see a “ quotation mark, remove it and add :/usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java Use YOUR line, not mine :-) then add the quotation mark at the end. I intentionally left out the quotation mark and HS wouldn't open. Replaced it, yuppers!!

>save your work: control X, press Y and hit enter. All done

AS Root: echo $JAVA_HOME
Output: /usr/lib/jvm/java-8-openjdk-amd64/jre/bin/java (use your line not mine!) Should the echo command come up blank, not to excite.

Right click on your 3.1.5.jar, choose 'open with' in my case runtime 8 and in a second or so, there 3.1 was.

If this is a first time for your radio, it will probably open muted. That is because none of the basic commands are set. In the bottom of the log window enter /Devices – which will list speakers and mics that are available for you to use. /play (speakers) if default is 0 then /play 0 /record (microphone) enter /record 0. Be sure and use the NUMBER ZERO and not the alphabet letter O. You may have to play with these settings to get your radio working correctly.

Now, log out in order to reset your radio. Then right click 3.1, 'open with' java X runtime. Your radio should be working normally.
Within five minutes of startup, I worked EX8NK in Kyrgystan

Kathi - N0FKA
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