New QSL-card created is not visible in QSL's to be sent.
2020-05-23 11:29
Dear all,

Here some newbie question:
I have created a new QSL card to be used for the contacts I have made.
In the QSL-editor I create the QSL-card and put all the fields on the right place.
When I look at the preview, it looks completely OK and nice.
I save the QSL-card and I got the report that the card was saved.

When I have made a contact and want to send the QSL-card, I don't see the previous made card in my screen.
I can't send the card, because I don't see it at all.

Has anyone had the same issue, do I do anything wrong?

Thanks and best regards,

Jan, 14HS6601.
Re: New QSL-card created is not visible in QSL's to be sent.
2020-08-03 17:04
Hello. I created a blank QSL card on Hamsphere 3 several years ago. Now I am trying to create QSL card on Hamsphere 4. I can't do it! It sends me back to H3 which has an old card which I would like to delete. I can't get to a list of sample templates. I am getting farther and farther behind on sending out QSL cards because I don't have one for H4!! I would like to see a list of the new samples, choose one, download it so I can put the required info on and save it for sending to confirm QSO. Can't get to the list of new templates. It takes me to my old H3 created card which I don't want to use. I would love to delete the H3 card.

I badly need help!! Please be very specific, I have dementia and don't follow instructions very well. I want to get on H4 but I can't if I can't confirm my QSOs.

Thank you! I would love a phone call, I comprehend what I hear better than what I read. Sorry to be so much trouble! If you could tell me "CLICK" by "CLICK" maybe I could follow it.
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