A Couple of Noobie Questions
2020-01-13 21:51

So as a new Hamsphere user, I have the following questions:

I do use both HS4, HS3 AND THE IOS APP.

Can I operate CW on Hamsphere 4.0 without purchasing the encoder? I am a straight key person and would love to work CW. On HS3 it is pretty easy (enter text and hit return) but even on HS3 i still do not know how to set sending speed?

How does the 6, 2 and 3/4 bands work on HS 4.0 ? Simplex only or are there repeaters? You cannot select an antenna? FM only?

Were you not able to select antennas in HS 3?

I use the latest Mac versions with a microsoft brand headset/ mic. I can select the headset/mike in my sound preferences and it appears to work but i cannot use the mic in HS4, either PTT or Vox..any items to fix this?

Is there a good tutorial on using SSTV and any of the digital modes?

Appreciate any and all help.


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