4 Square Vertical Antenna
2019-06-10 07:25

I am new to Hamsphere and have set up a couple of additional antennas, including the 80m 4 square vertical. I am uncertain about the rotational capabilities of the antenna. The description mentions the use of a switching system to orient toward compass directions and some intro videos on Youtube show the same kind of capability. When the antenna is installed, I find no such method of controlling the antenna to that type of discrete scheme. I understand that actual orientation of the signal is apparently achieved by phase switching rather than physical rotation.

The question that I have now is whether the default antenna rotator is accomplishing this goal, and if so, what is actually happening there? The rotator is a continuous dial rather than 4 discrete compass orientations, so even if it is changing the orientation of the signal, what compass points are being used? For example, the description refers to NW, NE, SW and SE switching in a New Zealand case.

One reason I ask is that I get S1 and S2 signal reports at a certain location from the 4 square so far irrespective of rotation, while I receive an S6 at the same location with the default phased array antenna. So for now, I am not sure what to expect.

Hope the question is making sense. In essence, do I have some level of directional control with the 4 square verticals within Hamsphere, and if so, to what level, how, and where? Thanks much.

73 from Clifford N0LKC

Note : Additional information: Tonight during testing I received an S8 signal report with the 4 square under similar conditions, so far now I will assume that everything actually is working OK. The question above still does remain, however, other than the poor signal report has now been superceded. CEC
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