Size of 4.0
2018-11-12 19:13
I am a new user having some fun with 3.0. I'd like to use 4.0, but when I start the default transceiver it appears very small in the middle of my 15" laptot screen and I can't seem to resize it. Any workaround on this or do I have to go on Ebay and buy one of those magnifying devices we put on small TVs in the 50's?
Re: Size of 4.0
2021-06-22 09:30
Hi there 2HS7511,

I have the same problem. So I checked the forum and I saw your post. It seems that nobody replied to you.
I bought a new Surface Pro6 just intended for Hamsphere operation but the very small radio display did not justify me buying this expensive laptop computer. By the way, I don't have this problem with my other PC. Both Surface Pro and my PC is running Windows10.
Have you resolved your issue? If yes, kindly share it with me. Thank you!

Take care and 73!
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