HS4.0 mobile bluetooth headset?
2017-09-26 14:28
Hi, I downloaded the mobile android app and it works fantastic.. however, I can't seem to get my bluetooth headset mic to work.. I can hear fine through the headphone, but the mic defaults to the mic on the phone - not my headset.

With no settings to adjust, am I doing something wrong? Or is the mobile app just not compatible with bluetooth?

Re: HS4.0 mobile bluetooth headset?
2017-10-05 10:38

for headsets you can use APPs like "BTMono", to hear smartphone signals apart from only Tel-Calls. After running this APP you hear all noises over the headphone, not speaker.
But for microphone I think it's not possible. I've just testet it with my Android HamSPhere APP and Bluetooth, but you are right, it's still using the internal Mic.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
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