IPhone App and HamSphere operators
2015-11-11 07:49
Hi All

Iv just dropped on HamSphere So am new to the system. Im only a trial user at the moment as I use Echo Link And all my other radios are hardware units.
Anyway I have been trying the apps out and the PC version is just fine And on Echo Link I can use it just fine on the Iphone But when I come to HamSphere it is another story I know you cannot send OSL cards from the app But can do most things within the app.like use VFO, change bands go in and out of chat, cluster also alter the Tx power as well using Help and Subscribe buttons? But I just wondered about the other stuff you can do in the main programme like filter, cw and other things like checking on users and things like that say having other screens that you can slide over and such? Finally what about server checking and changing can this be done on the IPhone?
I only ask as I have tried to find a manual for the Iphone or Android but I have not been able to as yet. That was the only reason.

I have only been in one qso so far but that was not fully successful as I had the wrong power setting set and the skip (as we used to call it) was just on its way out. That is another thing does skip still affect these IP based system las much as our radio based systems.
Like I said im new to this way of working and therefore trying to get as much information as I can before deciding whether to subscribe or not? I am already thinking that I will and that is after only a few days . As the whole etiquette of all the other users is great (bar one gent this last evening who had a very bad potty mouth at around 2am this morning) But all in all I would say that the actual operators code of conduct is better than the ham only radio bands.Which is a pleasant surprise.

Best regards Andy M3WAV
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