27 555 CB Calling QRG
2015-08-23 14:51
Mni thx to the Op to destroy the QSO today.
I know, this QRG is the Callng QRG in 11m DX Band, so on HS3 and 4
I works on HS3, was calling CQ and started a QSO.
No on works on 11m, no one works on 27555
In the cluster no qso at 27 555, on the band no qso
but a "admin" must disturb on it and must distroy qso, becose on caling frequency.
Hello, we are not mor livin in the 90s, what the fuck is it????
QSO on HS3 08/23/15
Please, should what?????
I dont nead a HS Police !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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