HS Country lookup
2014-07-10 21:34

I know there is a published list of HS Country codes, but is there a simple 'look-up' facility?

So I'm in logbook/VFO mode, scanning around and I hear/spot an HS** callsign, Can I highlight/special key something to see if I have worked the country before?

Being an old ham I'm finding the HS system confusing. Sorry if I have missed something...

Thanks and 73

Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-10 23:59
Hi Jon,

yes, you can see all your "not worked" countries include the ISO 2 Code and HamSphere Division here:

And your logged/confirmed countries you'll find there:

Also you can see the country in the live-cluster beside the callsign, for example "23:58 13HS1807 50155 Germany".

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-11 09:24
Hi Jörg,

Thanks for taking the time to reply to my query.

Yes I had already discovered these links, so I think I didn't explain my question too well in my original post.

These are web links and yes indeed they detail countries against the HS prefixes.

Within the actual HamSphere program, I can indeed see countries posted on the left in the DX cluster/chat box. However imagine the scenario...
I am tuning around the bands and suddenly hear a station calling CQ. I want to quickly see what country he is calling from, from WITHIN the HamSphere program. I don't know if it's possible?

Some years ago now, I used an excellent logging/cluster program called Turbolog, written by my friend John, G3WGV. From memory it was possible to key into the log the first few digits of a callsign, press an f key, and a pop-up box would appear with all the country's details.

Maybe I am asking too much?


Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-11 10:47
Hi Jon,

ok, now I understand your intention. :) There is no function like that in the program yet, but maybe in HamSphere 4.0 which is coming up soon (15th August)?
The only way I meant in my 1st post is the cluster, which you get by clicking "LOG/QSL", not the chat-box on the left side.

Example: You are tuning around and there is a station on 40 Meters, maybe 7.055 MHz with a CQ-Call. At this moment you click on LOG/QSL and you'll get all the information you need. There is the current UTC with Band, Callsign, Frequency and Country as well.

Maybe the calling station comes from Malta and his Callsign should be 93HS101, then the cluster-entry will be shown like this:
10:25:22 93HS101 40m 7055 DSB MALTA.

In order it means: UTC - Callsign - Band-Range - exactly Frequency - Mode (like LSB/CW/USB/FM/AM...) - Country

So you can see all information around this Ham. But you CAN'T see there, wether you worked him before. If you now that you need Malta as a new country, you can make a contact to him and answer his call, of course. The only way is to check your own logbook for Malta-contacts.

How do I do that? I'm using the Logbook-side on HamSphere.com (also you can use an own Excel-sheed for that) and press [STRG/CTRL] + [F] for browser-searching. Of course, then type in "malta" and you will see all Malta contacts you've made.
That is the only "quick-way" I know.

Sorry, I hope my English is not too bad, it's not my native language.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-11 16:29
Hi Jörg,
Once again thanks for coming back.
I think I may have missed a valid point here?
Is it right then, that as soon as a station starts transmitting, they will "automatically" appear in the left hand cluster box in HS?
Doesn't that remove the excitement and thrill of finding a new DX station calling?
Oh and PS... now't wrong with you English skills... better than a lot of first language Englishmen! ;-)
Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-11 17:04
Thanks Jon,

yes, that's correct. With a little delay sometimes (depending on the server situation and load) you will find all "traffic" in the left hand chatbox. And better information in the "middle" of the transceiver, which means the live-cluster. By clicking the UTC you can create a new logbook entry for this station.

Of course, there are much more functions in HamSphere than in the real Ham-World. :-) So normally you don't get an "automatic-logbook", but rather you have to write all QSO's manually. In HamSphere the log entry is only two or three clicks away and you're able to send a QSL-Card.

If you're looking for new stations/countries, just do it in the same way like with a real ham-transceiver. ;-) Without any cluster or whatever.
Just use the VFO, switch the band-selector and listen for any CQ call or running QSO. That's the normal way like you would do in the real world.
So you'll keep your "excitement of ham-operating" furthermore, :-) Without any technical "tricks" to find new stations.

Of course, to change the frequency is just one click in the cluster... but it's a better feeling to do that "real" with the VFO, up/down-switches and so on.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-12 14:46
Dear Jörg,

Thanks again for explaining things.

Doesn't automatically listing calls in the left hand chat box rather defeat the fun in scanning around to find new countries/stations? Maybe as Hamsphere grows and grows there will be a development on this. I think it's too tempting NOT to look at the cluster lol

I am really enjoying myself on Hamsphere. It's a very realistic environment and quite addictive. I have already signed up for the contest next weekend, though a shame no CW contests yet?

Oh I did fall foul last night by calling CQ in CW 40 metres.... oops hihi

And what a marketing opportunity for someone.... to build a physical Hamsphere HF Rig? A proper box with a VFO and switches to twiddle with! Who cares if the 'box' is empty... I have many house-bricks available :-)

73 Jörg

Re: HS Country lookup
2014-07-12 15:02
Hehe... ok, CW is reserved for 30 meters at the moment, but many stations are operating CW on any bands here or also make DSB QSOs on 30 meters.. so don't worry.

Indeed I learned CW with my second (unlimited) ham-licence in the 70th years, but I unlearned it in the meantime and I don't need it for myself. It's not my favorite mode, hi hi.

On HamSphere 4 in the future you can build your own radio-stack. With antenna rotator/selector, Oscilloscope, different S-Meters (analog/digital), a second VFO if you want and so on and so on...
And maybe you can hide the chatbox on the left side, but I don't know it.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: HS Country lookup
2015-08-23 06:18
Nubie question, related to Log book as well..

Currently I can see my log book in HS4 (nice ,I got 120 contacted stations in 3 days). The question can I access this log book through HS website?
I see Log book statistic button, but didn't find my contacted list. Any step that I missed to have Log book statistic (web) working?

Re: HS Country lookup
2015-08-23 12:34
Yes, you can: It's a little bit hidden and a small link. Just click on "Logbook/Statistics" on the HS4 Site. Between the Line "Quick statistics" and "QSO Points / Band" there is a small link with "Download Logbook". That's it.

And also on this page there is a special forum for HS questions. This forum here is (was) for HS 3.

73 and good DX from Jörg :-)
Bochum / Germany
Re: HS Country lookup
2015-08-24 05:13
Note : I moved this post to Technical problem


Here what I have in HS site Log statistic
Confirmed Countries (QSL cards have been exchanged)
# of QSOs
Total confirmed World Countries / QSOs 0 0
Total confirmed EU Countries 0

Total confirmed US States 0
Total confirmed CA Provinces/Territories 0

Tried to follow link "Download Logbook', the result pop up new window but blank (no contain)

Please help

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