ei9gmb live cam ragchew
2011-03-20 12:10
this is not a net as sure just a getogher with hamsphere friends live on cam while we chat on hamsphere see other operator live cam chat on 50.130.00 on weekends go to www.ei9gmb.weebly.com for more details free free to use cams if we not around

you dont have to go got skpe now leave hamsphere running and go to my video confrence room and use them both together get to see what other person looks like.............have fun

Thanks Tony. That's a very exciting addition to use while on HamSphere. I'll give it a go. I will have to find a shirt first. I don't even know if I've got one kicking around. I'll have to ask my wife. She knows where everything is.
Re: ei9gmb live cam ragchew
2011-04-20 21:26
must give this mode a go soon ,where is qth?
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