HamSphere ver 3.0 HS- LOGBOOK for USERS
2011-10-20 20:26

Many Users asked for a QSO Logging feature to be ADDED to HamSphere .

This LOG BOOK will bundled together with other features in the ver

The Help Documentation on HOW TO USE this HS-LOG program is being written and will be posted soon:
-- HamSphere Forum Topic List “HamSphere Users Manuals “


1) ONE CLICK in the Radio Live Cluster to initiate a LOG ENTRY………
2) Logged data is information drawn from the Database - LOOKUP
3) Ability to EDIT ( change / add information ) before hitting “LOG QSO”
4) Ability to EDIT Existing LOG Entries ……….
5) Ability to see on the screen [last 9] entries and scroll bar to see more.
6) Ability to MANUALLY Enter NEW Entries.
Some fields will default information from the database.
7) Ability to SEARCH – and FIND “TEXT criteria from most fields.
8) And more features

Future development will include Printing / Reporting / & Statistics.

Finally the feature you have been waiting for will be here.
A Basic but very functional LOGGING Program wrapped up within HamSphere for your convenience.