GreenQloud - Truly Green
2012-06-17 08:39
GreenQloud – The Truly Green ™ initiative

We have chosen greenqloud Cloud Servers on Iceland to power a part of the growing HamSphere network and we can really recommend their services.

Back in 2001-2004 we worked with a group of very talented people in Reykjavik. We were all part of a big project developed on the “Java” software platform and we made many friends there.

Last year we found out that our innovative friends were working on a new Green Cloud server project using nothing but “Green Energy” from the abundant Geo Thermal energy of Iceland. Their project/product is called GreenQloud and it is the first Truly Green Cloud computing centre driven by green electricity, 100% carbon neutral. Their data centres exclusively use 100% renewable energy directly from geothermal and hydro power sources such as Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant (se picture)

Nesjavellir Geothermal Power Plant Iceland

We have during the spring tested the GreenQloud servers on Iceland with very good results.
Our users have experienced exceptionally good response times and highh server stability. Their Cloud servers can be used for inexpensive low end simple web server solutions as well as high end database driven server platforms. GreenQloud also offer their customers to see their live energy metrics and carbon savings in the control panel.

Since HamSphere is using a lot of storage space for online QSL-cards we may later use their Truly Green™ cloud storage which is a scalable file and object storage that automatically grows.

Please visit for more info.

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