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We are moving Forward in Our HamSphere Journey.
2023-08-21 10:36
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During these summer months of July and August, HamSphere traditionally witnesses a slight dip in user engagement. We've been hard at work, focused on creating a virtual Amateur Radio system that perfectly mimics real HF band propagation. We've also added a simple simulation of popular Digital Ham Radio communication platforms like D-Star, Fusion, C4FM, P25, and DMR. You might find HamSphere 2m and 70cm quite similar to DStar in terms of sound—almost like they're part of the same family.
Granted, accommodating all interests isn't a simple task. In the past, we had HS3 and HS4, which divided users based on VHF/UHF and HF communication. However, operating two separate systems became impractical, and both HS3 and HS4 underwent their own series of transformations. Our aim was to embrace the true spirit of Amateur Radio, reflecting the essence that has resonated for over a century in the Amateur Radio history.

The recent six months of HS5's operation have been quite eventful, with over 7,000 users sending around 360,000 QSL cards. Our latest contest also had participation from 140 eager operators, surpassing the usual numbers of HS4 in the day. We've designed new awards with care, thanks to our skilled design team, resulting in creations that catch the eye with vibrant colors and delightful designs.
Indeed, certain networks have faded away due to disagreements among operators—a narrative that has unfolded over the course of a decade sadly. Nets come and go, people join and part ways. As 16 years have passed, we find ourselves at HamSphere 5.0. We've unveiled the platform, and it's now in the hands of our community to decide if they want to use it. HS3 and HS4 won't be returning; this is what we have to offer. Some folks have moved on, while new members have joined. It could be a shift or perhaps a broader decline in Amateur Radio, who knows.

This is where we stand, and the ball is in your court. We're committed and I'm committed to this journey, with the spirit of Ham Radio guiding us through every twist and turn.
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