JW/LA7CL Paul - DXPedtion to Spitsbergen 06 - 09 May 2019
2019-03-21 17:45
Paul (LA7CL) will be making a DXPedition to the Svalbard Islands - Spitsbergen and the town of Longyearbyen from 06 May to 09 May 2019. If you make contact with Paul this will mean an new country for many and hope you do take advantage of this activation.

Here is a list of rules that Paul sent to me.

Call: JW/LA7CL
QTH: Longyearbyen – Svalbard (On Spitsbergen Island)

Some simple rules to make this a pleasant celebration of my 80th birthday
1. Please listen – you must know my call before calling.

2. When calling in a pileup DO NOT TRANSMIT MY CALL – only your call once (max twice) - AND USE YOUR FULL CALL

3. I will answer with your call – you are "report" – QSL?

4. If your call correct you answer with: QSL "report" (Not repeat my call)
I am not interested in the weather, your antenna, power or your sick mother-in-law

5. If call NOT CORECT you ansver with: "Correct call" OSL "report"

6. I will go on with: JW/LA7CL QRZ – or just QRZ

7. If running QRP or MOBILE – Do NOT put this behind your call

8. A lot of the time I will run SPLIT MODE – and will not listen on my TX QRG
You have to learn using SPLIT mode – listen for «Split listening 10 up»

9. If I say «Only NA», «Only Far East», «EU Stand By» - I MEAN THAT !!
AND - Do not ask for "bandhopping"

10. QSL cards will be sendt «as soon as possible» - maybe in a «downperiod» in conds.
I do not know if WiFi is good enough to send at the "fly" ??

11. Take it easy - let us have fun - and remember - BULLDOZERS can be blacklisted

Wayne D. Anderson - 9HS4755
Mobile: 613-453-7791
Kingston, ON

HamSphere DX Expedition Coordinator
DX Expedition Forum Moderator
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Email: 9hs4755@gmail.com

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