Exciting New Net Starting Soon.........check it out!
2017-03-27 15:00
The name of it is called the "Off-Grid Preparedness Net" and here is a complete description, as taken from my preamble for your information:

The purpose of this net is focused on teaching interested individuals various ways of being prepared for any disaster, no matter where you are located or the type.

This net will also provide listeners with a wide variety of helpful advice for maintaining communications, as well as living off-grid for a short period of time or perhaps permanently.

Be advised this is a directed and topic specific net, meaning all traffic must go through the net control station until further instruction is given on the air.

The Off-Grid Preparedness Net holds no affiliation with an emergency response agency or government entity. This net is open to all amateur radio operators.

My plan is to hold this net on 40 meter 7.020 MHz every Tuesday morning at 0200 hours.

The net usually runs between two and three hours, depending on how much activity I receive after the presentation is complete.

I think this would be a great addition to HS4 and many of the people who would tune in will receive some very interesting information with it.

I have been doing this net on real HF for several years now and have lots of support for it there.

Who: Brandin Hess.....The Arctic Wolf .....Net Controller....WL1B
What: Off-Grid Preparedness Net
When: Every Tuesday morning @ 02:00 UTC. Watch announcement for official start date!!
Where: 40 meter. 7.020 MHz

Join this exciting new net!