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2015-07-30 16:38
India DX Net - Newsletter (Subscribe at: )

On the eve of the second anniversary of India DX Net (IDX Net) which falls on 2nd August 2015, we are pleased to announce the release of a

monthly IDX Net Newsletter. This will be a structured newsletter that will cover the activities of the net, participating members and carry synopsis

or summary of various important topics discussed on IDX Net. The focus will be on HamSphere 3.0 and 4.0, HF Radio Communications,

Propagation, Antennas, matters pertaining to HF Amateur Radio, procedures, ethics, finer technical points to help leverage HF communication

experience and lot more...

However, the IDX Net newsletter is not a substitute for participation on the net because the net discussions dwell deep into various topics,

whereas the newsletter will only carry the summary.

IDX Net newsletter will only be available to those who choose to subscribe to the newsletter mailing list. We are strictly following a Double Opt-in

subscription procedure with the choice to unsubscribe at any time through a link to be provided in each newsletter.

Click on the following link to subscribe...

Information furnished by: Basu - VU2NSB.