How can i start CW?
2014-04-10 10:06
I'm trying to transmint text in command line. Input text and press ENTER. But instead of transmitting is : the chat is currently close!
What's wrong?
Re: How can i start CW?
2014-04-11 14:53

The chat box is de-activated for trial users - that is probably your problem

Eric 44HS852
Re: How can i start CW?
2015-01-10 00:46
what I'm about to say may not be exactly what you want to hear right now. you don't really need to be fooling with these fancy gadgets at this time. If you're reasonably comfortable with the code practice audio files your best bet is to get some headphones and a good communications receiver ,find whatever bands have good DX going or a contest, and you copy copy copy and copy some more until you can copy 15 words a minute or better in QRM, QRN and everyones wierd "fist", then it's time to break up the fancy keyers but I suggest you start off with a straight key. that's what the old timers suggestI know I sound old fashioned but CW a good old fashioned way to communicate and what makes it so reliable is it's simplicity! It's the first digital mode! All you need to transmit CW is a battery, a tube or transistor oscillator, and
RC tuned circuit 50 feet of wire and a couple feet to connect and disconnect the battery over and over.
Re: How can i start CW?
2015-02-03 15:08
Hello everyone
I can not understand why CW isn't allowed for trial users. In such a case, as a CW operator and lover, how I can try the CW on HS ?
"I have a dream..."
I dream one day HS managers do allow us to try the CW as well on this site...
Re: How can i start CW?
2017-02-07 17:11
Yes, really! I am a morse code enthusiast and have tried to use the chat line on the trial version to no avail. If they want to encourage hams to use this program, then cw should be included for trial purposes.
Re: How can i start CW?
2017-02-07 17:18
Hams that like cw should be able to try out the cw feature in trial mode. If they did, then more hams would be encouraged, resulting in more users and more memberships. More members equals more money for HamSphere! (jt's a no brainer!)
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