HamSphere and CW Keyer
2013-09-20 09:31

Can I use WKUSB (WinKeyer via USB more info: http://www.k1el.com/) to connect my paddles with the HamSphere Software ?
Any idea to connect a paddles with the HamSphere software ?

73 de Ignacio
Re: HamSphere and CW Keyer
2013-09-20 10:04
Hello Ignacio

Yes you can easily connect a paddle to the Hamsphere system.

There is a very interesting post by OM Peter 9H1RN/BV in Taiwan

Please read the latest NEWS POST - "How to connect a paddle to the Hamsphere system"

Eric 44HS852

Re: HamSphere and CW Keyer
2013-09-24 18:50
Hello Eric,

Thanks for the info...
Could see a diagram ?

Re: HamSphere and CW Keyer 9H1RN/BV
2014-01-22 20:56
9H1RN/BV should show the diagram for keyer connection to laptop. They say there is a diagram but there isn't

Also what is the make and model of the keyer with "lock LED" light ?????? Don
CW Keyer and virtual audio connector.
2014-12-08 09:17
I am looking for free CW keyer software for Mac OC X. I am planning to sendmanipulation from my keyboard. I think i need virtual audio connector from CW keyer program to HS. Need virtual audio connector for Mac OC x for free too.

What do you think about it?

For russian users -

Я подыскиваю бесплатный CW кейр для Мак ОС. Думаю мне нужен так же виртуальный аудиокабель, что бы соединить CW кейер и тансивер хемсфера. Иначе думаю во время передачи с кейра не будет идти аудио на хемсферу, даже если там зажата передача.
Посоветуйте виртуальный кабель для мак. Так же желательно бесплатно версию .
Re: HamSphere and CW Keyer
2016-05-19 22:36
Hi, here is LU7MA, from Mendoza, Argentina. I wont to know how can reduce the speed of my CW transmission,
because i can´t to read more than 15 words pm. hihi
Thank you for your kindness, anybody.
73 de LU7MA, Armando.
...-.- ..
Re: HamSphere and CW Keyer
2017-08-11 00:10
Hi, here is PA1LAL from Roermond in The Netherlands. I need information to install my mfj-464 Keyer/Reader and mfj-564 chrome lambic paddle to my computer to work on HamSphere 3,0

The keyer/reader and paddle I used some time ago on a Kenwood transceiver which I do not have anymore.

Due to my age (82) and lack of electronic experience I really need good information to work the cw bands.
I have no problems sending and reading CW.

Thanking you in advance.

PA1LAL - John

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