2014-05-14 17:15
etienne 16HS703 in DX station 300HS100 let me know,that i do is not good for admins and members of hamsphere because we take 5 numbers and lets talk etienne

i know all qsl's are sending by etienne 16HS703 as station 300HS100, is this the answer for thanking to etienne and VE2QK JIM and myself
sorry etienne and jim but i think i am correct,there is no respect and i do my last activition on 7 juine 2014
etienne send me this message in friendschip and can not help it
regards luc
Re: 16HS222
2014-05-14 17:48
Hello Luc,

I'm not sure if I understood right what Etienne says about the 5 calls.
Has Etienne some other way in mind, how to handle the huge pile-up?
I think, that the operation went smoothly without big problems.
But it takes quite long time to collect calls and pass them to Etienne
to work.
All in all, good operation, many thanks to Etienne for giving us a new,
rare country and to all stations helping to maintain order on the frequency.
Re: 16HS222
2014-05-14 18:24
hi, antero
thanks for answer,but i think answer comming also in delay somme times
for me all respect for etienne, and a lot of money to do this without respect lather one antero,thats what i mean also
i give also a lot of time and money but no respect fi you listen what people say
antero thanks for responding,like you know we are on hamsphere 2 without qsl cards and Always good friends
Re: 16HS222
2014-05-15 07:21
Hello dear all ,

I am not complaining about the way my DXactivations has been ruled , in contrary I liked the way of taking over 5 or 10 stations in groups and responding them one by one , and of course sending immediately the expected QSL card.
Once home I discussed with several Hamsphere users and Admins how should be the best way to conduct a DXpedition : let it go in a huge pile-up and I should try to pick up the strongest signals/calls , perhaps but I am very sure I will make mistakes , need a lot of extra time to listen and find out who's shouting the hardest ; I am not sure to give all the possibility to reach me , even the weakest stations or newest ones haven been reaching me in the Sahara. All got their chance with a little patience. I agree that this way of acting is not the real Ham way , but is Hamsphere THE reality ? We all want to be the best , we all want to reach the TOP 10 , let's ALL be able to reach even the most exotic stations stations and try to continue the way I went personnally in : the only RIGHT way is the way to act how you feel by yourself.
I am pretty sure , that being in a huge pile-up, middle in the Sahara , with police knocking at your door at 23h, in a basic hotel room , fully alone , activating for Hamsphere a region middle in a military region , I would have abandon my activation totally IF I HAD NOT BEEN SUPPORTED by A NET CONTROLLER ( in this case JIM VE2QK) physically and most important mentally .
Accept that at this very moment I felt VERY lonely, thousands of miles away from any possible help.
I am in love with Hamphere , I will continue to activate even the most strange countries( I have already in mind , you know it Rich) , let's all TOGETHER enjoy those activations and listen to our net controllers / admins when they are "in use".
Let's not make a "case" about it : I do like net controller activation, like I used in Monaco , Liechtenstein and Sahara.
With the most kind regards and 73 of course from
and many others to come...

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