2014-02-01 16:44
i am sorry,
i was only 1H active and i have telephone call from my woman,the dog have problems he was 12 years old and we have cowing to the animal hospital,they have give to my dog the injection and now he is dead,
so i will comme on sunday 09-02-2014 again with my lighthouse activation,if i dont have permission i do it on my way on 21350 and thank you for hamsphere for negatif results you know what i mean
16HS222 and i was there in blankenberghe i dont accept sorry
2014-02-01 17:21

You have a hobby and you have life from somebody. HS radio you can run all the time also DX expedition.
Respect for you Luc people, are dog for some people its a child. Stay strong dear Luc also the wife.
Some people don't understand this only want to confirm special station think and respect the situation from the operator.

73' ON7VP
2014-02-02 17:28
Luc , my friend , you made the best decision you could in the given circumstances ; your dog friend needed you more than the world hamsphere users at that given moment ; I do appreciate your brave decision : you stopped immediately transmission and went home to the vet hospital.
If you hadn't done it , your entire life would have haunted you about this final decision. I take off my hat to you. Great guy, Luc , and people who don't understand or admit aren't worth the friendship of humans or dogs. Dogs eyes speak to you and you saw it , he needed you at that very moment , you gave him the best he could wish. Bravo Luc. Take care. 73's Etienne
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