Hanoi visit is over
2013-10-22 13:26
I was in Hanoi for a conference, and I'm now back in Singapore as 9V1CZ. I have 213 QSO's in the log including duplicates and sent out 180. My QSL policy from 9V1CZ and earlier from 225HS112 in Brunei is that I do not QSL stations that interfere with a QSO in progress. So stations that (a) broke into a QSO for any reason, (b) called me when I was calling someone else or (c) gave lengthy calls, did not get a QSL card. If I did work them, I didn't log the contact and even if I did log the QSO I did not QSL. When some of those spoilers later came on frequency, that was a good time to take a break.

And as for the admin op who told me that I was not a true amateur radio operator because I did not take the time out in a pile-up situation to discuss the local time an weather, thank you for providing the most humorous moment of the trip. I'm sorry, I have little interest in discussing the time and weather, I'd rather (1) build my own equipment and operate it on the air, (2) work QRP on the air, (3) work the OSCARs, (4) write and get published in QST and other magazines (5) write software for amateur radio, and (6) do other things in my professional life.

73, Joseph, 9V1CZ, VK5WU, and G3ZCZ @ http://therightrequirement.com
Re: Hanoi visit is over
2013-10-22 14:42
Hey Joseph,
many thanks for the contact and i hope to contact you in another country.
Regards 16HS222 LUC
Thanks Joseph
Re: Hanoi visit is over
2013-10-23 00:25
Thank you for taking the time to activate Vietnam on HamSphere, Joseph.


Randy K7RAN
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