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2013-05-22 20:45
Updated 25 Nov 2016.

Welcome to the HamSphere DX-Expeditions group.

Some important information:

HamSphere will not endorse, support or sponsor any other special activation callsigns other than DX-Expeditions so please do not ask for special callsigns for special events.

IMPORTANT! Make sure you plan your DX-Expeditions and have all "Special" call signs prepared and in working order BEFORE you head out. Please contact Pat 14HS1 to provide you with Special Activation call signs.

Our authorized "Expedition" callsigns will be very specific. We are starting out with the IOTA (Trademark of RSGB) Island On The Air concept. We will call this IOHS = Islands on HamSphere. Later on we may extend these DX-Expeditions to cover Lighthouses, Castles or other exciting fixed landmarks.

Manager and Moderator for this forum is Pat 14HS1


Kelly Lindman
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