HamSphere Newsletter Sept 2017
2017-09-06 12:06

Dear HamSphere Operators

Welcome to the Sept 2017 Edition of the HamSphere Newsletter. Autumn is soon here and we have a lot of good stuff coming your way so here we go:

Rare countries

Here are some examples of rare countries that we've heard on the HamSphere bands over the past month:


HamSphere 3.0 New skin

We are currently working on a new modern skin for HamSphere 3.0 which will be named 3.1. We are looking on different skin ideas. Here are some of the ideas sent in to us.

Here is an example sent in by Bruce 43hs031

Here is an example sent in by Bill 2HS8438

If you feel that you have graphical design skills, you can send your rig idea for a fresh 3.0 upgrade to rigmaster@hamsphere.com. Perhaps your designed skin will be used for the next 3.1 release.

Master DXer awards.

Another quarter has passed and we notice that we have a top fight between some very skilled ops. Alex, RA9CUH held the position for 2 quarters but were overtaken by Nestor, LW6DC who grabbed the pole position last quarter. Ravi VU2RVE fought for his second position over two quarters but had to yield in the last Q, leaving him in third place. We have another strong South American contender Miguel, PU2MNQ who is climbing fast in this Q. Good work everyone!

Click her for current Master DX status: https://hs4.hamsphere.com/masterdx

HS4 Mobile Plugin/antennas New prices

We have lowered the Android Mobile plug-in and antennas prices. Standard plug-in is now 8 euros and the Moxon antennas have been reduced with about 20%. Visit the Mobile shop here

Mobile iOS problem and Updates

Important info about iOS 11. Since Apple decided to drop all 32 bit support in their new iOS11 some 200.000 apps have been made obsolete. It includes the mobile HamSphere 3.0 version.


We will upgrade our app, but we do not have a completion date set yet. If you are using HamSphere 3.0 mobile you may want to wait with the iOS11 upgrade until we have made our app compatible with Apples new directive.
I will keep informing about the 64-bit version progress here.

HF mode on your 4.0 Mobile

Since we had many operators asking for HF mode on the 4.0 Mobile, we implemented a new HF button which brings up navigation instructions.

The Android HS4 Mobile app now has a HF button that will help the users to navigate their phone to the HF bands.

1. Swipe left / right
2. Click the right / left side of PTT button

HamSphere 4.0 Plugins

Here is the latest plug-in. Live Time Zone display with 20 Time zones. Invaluable instrument for the avid DXer.

Remember this old classic from 1978? Space Invaders is one of the most addicting games that was ever made. Whilst waiting for your favorite DX, compete with your fellow Ham Radio friends. Try to make it on the High Score list.

The idea of this game is very simplistic. You are a space ship who must destroy the invading enemy space ships as they descend upon your little 8-bit world. Use the mouse to fire your gun at them and blow each ship to pieces. Be careful though, because these ships fire back and as you deplete their numbers, the space invaders get faster and faster until the last remaining ship appears to move at near warp speed. To ensure you stay alive as long as possible, hide behind the green walls and develop and a run-and-gun mentality. Try to blast out whole rows of space invaders at once as it makes it easier to shoot into a crowd rather than pinpoint each individual ship.

Current Solar Flux / SSI discussion and propagation trends

By Basu, VU2NSB

SSN, SFI and their bearing on HF Propagation.

Both the terms SSN and SFI are solar emission related parameters which are commonly used in context of HF radio propagation. We will briefly review these parameters to attain better clarity and understanding on some of the facts and myths.

Sunspots - An Overview

Sunspots are visible dark spots which occur on the sun surface on account of continuous thermo-nuclear activity at the solar core. This manifests itself as regular eruptions of EM energy and sub-atomic particles from random places on solar surface. These spots are visible from earth and are called sunspots. Long ago, scientists discovered a correlation between the number of observed sunspots and the density of the Ionosphere on earth. In turn, they found that HF communication on earth was influenced by sunspots.

SSN: (Smoothed Sunspot Number)

Sunspots are counted throughout the day by several observatories around the world on a daily basis. Multiple readings from every observatory is collated and processed using an averaging (smoothing) algorithm and presented as the sunspot count for a particular day. This is called SSN. These numbers when collected over a period of time are very useful for assessing medium and long term trends in expected Ionospheric conditions. However, contrary to the popular myth, the "daily SSN" value does not provide much help in short-term forecasting or determining the current state of HF propagation. The earth's Ionosphere has a huge inertia against quick changes. Furthermore, sunspots release both EM energy as well as sub-atomic particles. Though the EM energy component reaches earth in a matter of minutes, but the particle component takes several days to travel the distance between sun and earth. Therefore the effects particle emission of sunspot activity cause a significantly delayed response on our Ionosphere.

In view of the above, the daily SSN is not of much use for day-to-day forecasting of HF propagation conditions. Hence, a more realistic form of SSN would need to factor in the particle transit delay and Ionospheric inertia. Several methods like obtaining medium/long term running average of SSN values from historical data over periods of weeks or months have been used. Even VOACAP uses long-term running average method to determine its SSN. Although these methods yield a better semblance to the prevailing real-world conditions, yet they are far from being accurate.

SFI: (Solar Flux Index) and SFI derived SSN

On account of above mentioned shortcoming of SSN, a new measurement parameter was required that could offer a closer Ionospheric density correlation. This is called SFI. After due experimentation, it was decided to measure the RF noise generated by the sun (Solar Flux) in the microwave region. The measurement of solar flux has been standardized at 2800 MHz (10.7 cm w/l) across 100 MHz capture window. The measured noise power is converted into a mathematical index. Hence, it is termed as Solar Flux Index (SFI). Since the wavelength of measurement is 10.7 cm, it is also often called SFI(10.7).

The reason why SFI features better correlation to Ionospheric behavior is because the strength of the measured flux constitutes not only a sense of proportion to solar EM radiation, but also significantly accounts for the intensity of solar particle emission irrespective of transit time delays. These solar particles (electrons and protons) are electrically charged. Hence, as they approach earth at high velocity they encounter the geo-magnetic field. This interaction produces a wide-spectrum EM radiation. The 10.7 cm wavelength component of this high velocity solar particle induced EM radiation in the vicinity of earth adds to the native solar EM component. Hence, the flux strength (SFI) gets enhanced by inclusion of a proportionate factor representing solar particle induced EM emission strength. Thus SFI yields a parameter which is far closer to reality than SSN.

Thankfully, an equivalent SSN value can be mathematically derived from SFI. This is what we call "SFI derived SSN". HamSphere 4.0 uses this method for its propagation model thus rendering HS4 a highly advanced and fairly accurate HF propagation simulation platform.
HF Propagation Outlook for Sept-Oct 2017

Finally, we present a graphical presentation of the HF propagation expectations for the months of September and October 2017. This is a forward outlook for all HF bands throughout the 24 hour diurnal cycle. A total combination of 15 HF circuits spreading across 6 continents has been presented. At this time, HF bands are healthy and fairly good for communication. The trick is to choose a correct combination of operating time and frequency band to reach across to any part of the world even with modest radio station configurations. The bottom-line is that there is no place in the world that cannot be reached on HF if the time/band selection is done with due diligence.

New HS4 band plan

New revised 4.0 band plan. Please respect the power limitation when using CW or Digital.

New Restore Rig feature

Due to some unforeseen things like Internet Packet loss, HS4 rigs can be corrupted upon exiting the program. We have a rotating 30 day backup of all rigs and operators asked for a page where they can restore their rigs to a previous date. Please note that the current restore program cannot restore deleted rigs. But we will implement that feature asap.

Here is the new URL for restoring HS4 rigs:https://backup.hamsphere.com/restore_rig.php

HamSphere Mobile Awards page

This is the HamSphere Mobile Awards page. https://hs4.hamsphere.com/mobile.php
To qualify for this list you must use your HamSphere 4.0 Mobile app to perform and log QSOs.

Elmers on HamSphere

From HS Elmer Fred, M6YYU:

All I can say. That being an Elmer is given myself great satisfaction in Knowing when in Qso with New operators trial users or even the operators that have been around for along time My advise to any of there questions have Helped them understand the workings of HamSphere and a Lift to the Radio Amateur world for their interest in the Hobby. Long Live HAMMIE ..de M6YYU

From HS Elmer Tom, HB9DJ:

I want to mention Javid, 2HS5566, 7 years old, whom I walked trough the system. Very good future operator. Keep youth interested in this beautiful hobby.73

RDF Contest 12 Oct

This is our first team contest type of activity where the goal is to find the coordinates of Contest Beacons using RDF techniques. The goal is to use direction finding skills and work together as a team to work out the locations of the beacons. Welcome to join any of the RDF teams. Just follow the link to the official RFD group page on facebook and make yourself known. Next contest will start 12 Oct and stretch over 8 days.

The RDF Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/672109146258046/

New contest logbook method for 4.0

Due to logbook QSL sending overload during contests we have closed the QSL card sending during the contests.
QSL cards can be sent after the contest.

Contesting results and new contest

Contesting on HamSphere 4.0 is fun and growing

Only this year we have 13 contests arranged with different topics and purposes. Contesters win prizes and fame and enjoy these 24-48 hour intensive moments every month. You can see a list of alll our contest in the Contest Calendar. Join the fun, compete and master your skills!

"HamSphere 4.0 RDF 2017 contest"
Here are the results of the HamSphere 4.0 RDF 2017 contest. We congratulate the Epsilon team that managed to pinpoint the beacons with the score of 5988 and won this contest. They got 20HS12 within a 1 km range which is amazing!!! Also team Omega did a decent result with 1535 and nailed 15HS14 within 62km. One strange thing is the location of the Alpha teams 17HS12, it is just meters away from the real location and must have been a lucky guess as the accuracy of the RDF is about 25km. The Beta and PI teams need a little more practice. Beta team came closest to 17HS16 with 486km and PI team did relatively well on the same beacon with 158km.

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_40774_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category A"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest", Category A, Europe that was held 6 May 2017.

1st prize - Alex, RG5A is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Manuel, 31HS1112 is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Dainius, M0HMJ is awarded 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_40944_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category B"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest", Category B, Asia that was held 6 May 2017.

1st prize - Leon, 4Z5DW is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Igor, UA9UCO is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Ravi, VU2RVE is awarded 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_40954_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category C"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest", Category C, North and South America that was held 6 May 2017.

1st prize - Fabio, PY5ZR is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Garth, VE3HO is awarded 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_40964_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest, Category D"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 CIS & Baltic May Day contest", Category D, Africa and Oceania that was held 6 May 2017.

1st prize - Miloud, 146HS970 is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Graham, ZL3MA is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Brian, 43HS01 is awarded 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_40974_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 Summer Contest 2017 "
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 Summer Contest 2017 " that was held 10 and 11 June 2017. Good participation with 175 contesters. Alex, RG5A again big 1st prize winner with 475 QSOs and 492414 points. Good work Alex!

1st prize: Alex, RG5A, 100 HS Credits
2nd prize: Ravi, VU2RVE, 50 HS Credits
3rd prize: Pat, 14HS1, 40 HS Credits
4th prize: Leon, 4Z5DW, 30 HS Credits
5th prize: Dainius, M0HMJ, 20 HS Credits
6th prize: Gary, RK3M, 10 HS Credits
7th prize: Toshi, HS/JA2DOU, 10 HS Credits
8th prize: Alexandr, EZ8CQ, 10 HS Credits
9th prize: Boris, 50HS7127, 10 HS Credits
10th prize: Edgar, 58HS2726, 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41224_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017, Category A"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017".
Category: Category A, Europe
Contest held: 2017-07-15

Congratulations to Sergey, RN3QO who won this category with 15580 points and he receives a prize of 40 HS Credits
Congratulations to Gary, RK3M who came in second place with 15380 points and he receives a prize of 25 HS Credits
Congratulations to Franck, 14HS4015 who came in third place with 3566 points and he receives a prize of 15 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41334_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017, Category B"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017".
Category: Category B, Asia
Contest held: 2017-07-15

Congratulations to Leon, 4Z5DW who won this category with 22402 points and he receives a prize of 40 HS Credits
Congratulations to Ravi, VU2RVE who came in second place with 15216 points and he receives a prize of 25 HS Credits
Congratulations to Toshi, HS/JA2DOU who came in third place with 12020 points and he receives a prize of 15 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41344_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017, Category C"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017".
Category: Category C, North and South America
Contest held: 2017-07-15

Congratulations to Luz Mery, 6HS773 who won this category with 15318 points and he receives a prize of 40 HS Credits
Congratulations to Jorge, LU8HK who came in second place with 8592 points and he receives a prize of 25 HS Credits
Congratulations to Fabio, PY5ZR who came in third place with 7980 points and he receives a prize of 15 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41354_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017, Category D"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest 2017".
Category: Category D, Africa and Oceania
Contest held: 2017-07-15

Congratulations to Miloud, 146HS970 who won this category with 5696 points and he receives a prize of 40 HS Credits
Congratulations to Jean Marie, TU2QU/FO who came in second place with 2574 points and he receives a prize of 25 HS Credits
Congratulations to Ferdjani, 7X2CE who came in third place with 2520 points and he receives a prize of 15 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41364_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017, Category A"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017".
Category: Category A, Europe
Contest held: 2017-08-05

Congratulations to Alex, RG5A who won this category with 27006 points and he receives a prize of 30 HS Credits
Congratulations to Gary, RK3M who came in second place with 19851 points and he receives a prize of 20 HS Credits
Congratulations to Boris, 50HS7127 who came in third place with 15096 points and he receives a prize of 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41424_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017, Category B"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017".
Category: Category B, Asia
Contest held: 2017-08-05

Congratulations to Ravi, VU2RVE who won this category with 15924 points and he receives a prize of 30 HS Credits
Congratulations to Igor, UA9UCO who came in second place with 15389 points and he receives a prize of 20 HS Credits
Congratulations to Edgar, 58HS2726 who came in third place with 6084 points and he receives a prize of 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41434_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017, Category C"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017".
Category: Category C, North and South America
Contest held: 2017-08-05

Congratulations to Luz Mery, 6HS773 who won this category with 12740 points and he receives a prize of 30 HS Credits
Congratulations to Fabio, PY5ZR who came in second place with 11770 points and he receives a prize of 20 HS Credits
Congratulations to Dean, 9HS158 who came in third place with 6516 points and he receives a prize of 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41444_read.html

"HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017, Category D"
Here are the results from the "HamSphere 4.0 British contest 2017".
Category: Category D, Africa and Oceania
Contest held: 2017-08-05

Congratulations to Graham, IOHS/OC136 who won this category with 2444 points and he receives a prize of 30 HS Credits
Congratulations to Miloud, 146HS970 who came in second place with 1704 points and he receives a prize of 20 HS Credits
Congratulations to Arwa, 147HS662 who came in third place with 1015 points and he receives a prize of 10 HS Credits

Full results: https://hs40.hamsphere.com/64_41454_read.html

160 meter net

Hello i am Frank FØDUW from Paris France. Everyday in August 2017 we organise a NET on 1880 KHz ( 160 meter ) at 22:00 UTC for European and if good propagation other continents. If you have the G5RV for your mobile i think it is possible to make qso we me and friends in Europe. THX and 73.

The new 160m Net is operated from Europe and should not be confused with the old 160M NA net that is inactive.
I have contacted Derek KDØPNP and he told me is net is now finished. So there is only one NET now for 160 meter on HamSphere 4.0. The name is" 160 meter DX net Europe". We work with KS1K and TI2SSO to organise QSO Europe-America next winter. For the moment we only hear QSOs between Europeans but sometimes North Africa or Asia but no too far as Libanon.

73 from Paris France, FØDUW Frank

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/162837427615751

2 meter Mobile net on HamSphere 4.0

Welcome to the 2 meter net mobile. The net runs Thursday's at 0100 to 0200 UTC with Joe Olig 2HS8403 or Harold Schofield KC9HH as controllers.

The 1-8 NET on HamSphere 3.0

The 18 NET 18.155.00 Mondays Wednesdays and Saturdays 19:00 – 21:00 UTC time.

The owner of HamSphere Mr Kelly Lindman asked M1CPH Tina if I would return to HamSphere to re-establish the 18 net, and we discussed the HamSphere Official 1-8 Net Facebook page.
It was agreed that myself M1CPH Tina and Vernon 26HS6562 would be the net controllers on the 18 Net, however we may be adding a third net controller in due course so you have a varied style of net controller on each night.
I was advised that many had been asking about the 18 group and the net so would like to thank all those who gave us that support in the past; however there is an expectation that after people asked about the 18 net that we would have more active support so please join us.
The official HamSphere 1-8 FB page is up and running with the files we are permitted to place onto the page such as graphics, documents code of conduct etc, audio files covering documents and blank QSL card templates. If you do not use Facebook at you can contact this email address tina18group@gmail.com so we can offer you alternative means of downloading.
The 18 net will not add additional days to is current format so if you do need assistance or have questions on HS3 HS4 or some software / computer issues then please drop in and we will do what we can, and if we are not able to deal with your issues at that time please contact the support services via the HamSphere.com web page as usual.
The 18 Net is going okay slowly and building itself up as time goes on with fun and laughter along the way, but we would welcome more vocal support with people dropping in for a chat about any topic with the HamSphere rules. We will try to put more documents etc onto the 1-8 Facebook page, and remember you can send message through the FB page to any other member of the group.
We would ask all those who use HS3 & HS4 to remember we are all part of the same HamSphere family so tell your friends send out the information to all you can to invite them to join, and when online share your knowledge and skills with others, help the new people and be as polite as you can when you operate. HamSphere is a unique programme that allows HS users to chat to Ham Operators, and it is the only programme currently available that allows that. Feel free to drop into the 18 net on the days and times shown above, and to just chat share ideas or have a laugh.
Peace and blessings to all M1CPH Tina

Our Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/330564887309180/

Latest from the India DX Net

India DX Net (a.k.a IDX Net) had been operating on HamSphere for almost five years continuously on a regular basis at least 4 times a week. The objective of IDX Net had been to disseminate information regarding both HamSphere 3.0 and 4.0 platforms. It performed as a discussion net with a global outreach. Not only did the net earn a distinguished reputation as a source of authentic information pertaining to HamSphere and ham radio, it also regularly dwelled into topics related to HF Radio Propagation, Antennas, Operating practices, Ethics, HF Transceivers, Station equipment setup and various other matters related to Ham Radio. The friendly and interactive nature of the net allowed for questions to be freely tabled by participants which were discussed threadbare and satisfactory answers and solutions delivered. Our strength has always stemmed from the vast pool of knowledgebase and collective wisdom of participating HamSphere Radio operators.

Unfortunately, on account of unprecedented time constraints due to reasons beyond our control, we regret that IDX Net was off-the-air since last couple of months. However, those constraints have been resolved now and therefore we are pleased to announce the resumption of India DX Net in the very near future. Like the overwhelming support IDX Net received in the past, we will look forward to your continuing support and patronage when we resume.

New net schedule will be announced very shortly through various HS Facebook groups. Until then, those who might be new to IDX Net may browse through the IDXN Facebook group which is dedicated to HF radio communications. Click on the URL below to join the group.


Hoping to meet you all soon... 73, de VU2NSB (Basu) - Net Control Operator

Hamsphere 60 Meter North American net

Hamsphere 60 Meter North American net. Relocated to 40m under summer. Back to 60 in Fall.

DXpedition Reports and Special Event Stations


238HS4613 op: René 14HS4613, Cambodia
Date 23/05 & 24/05/2017 
QTH: Siem Reap
Grid: OK13wi

239HS4613 op: René 14HS4613, Laos
Date 25/05 to 27/05/2017 
QTH: Luang Prabang
Grid: OK19bv

242HS4613 op: René 14HS4613, Vietnam
Date 29/05 to 11/06/2017 
QTH: Hanoi, H? Long Bay, Hue, Hoi An, Saigon
Grid: various

YZ/VA7OO Op: Rade, Serbia
Date 01/07 to 08/07/2017 
QTH: Belgrade 
Grid: KN04ft

107HS337 Op: Sunil 177HS337, Principality of Monaco
Date: 13/07 to 16/07/2017 
QTH: Monaco 
Grid: JN33rr

94HS670 Op: Sunil 177HS337, United Arab Emirates
Date: 21/07 to 24/07/2017 
QTH: Dubai 
Grid: LL75pg

257HS110 Op: Yeye 173HS110, Rodrigues Island - NEW ONE on HS4!!!!
Date: 23/07 to 30/07/2017
QTH: Grand Baie
Grid: MH10rh

S2/JA1WCV Op: Ninja, Bangladesh 
Date: 04/08 to 06/08/2017 
QTH: Dhaka
Grid: NL53ft

LZ/R1BBL Op: Iliya, Bulgaria
Date: 21/08 to 04/09/2017 
QTH: Sozopol 
Grid: KN32uj

Island On HamSphere:

IOHS/EU116 by Nick G7AUS 
Date: 29/05/2017 to 13/06/2017 
QTH: Isle of Man 
Grid: IO74se

IOHS/AS019 by Sunil 177HS337 
Date: 23/06 to 25/06/2017 
QTH: Singapore Main Island 
Grid: OJ11wh

IOHS/OC001 by Brian 43HS01 
Date: 24/06 to 02/07/2017 
QTH: Australia Main Island 
Grid: QF22qd

IOHS/OC129 by 16HS1781 Louis 
Date: 09/07 to 12/07/2017 
QTH: Boracay island, Philippines 
Grid: PK01xw

IOHS/OC129 by 16HS1781 Louis 
Date: 13/07 to 27/07/2017 
QTH: Cebu island, Philippines
Grid: PK10wr 

IOHS/OC036 by 41HS389 Chris 
Date: 14/07 to 23/07/2017 
QTH: North island, New Zealand 
Grid: RF72og 

IOHS/OC129 by 16HS1781 Louis 
Date: 19/07 to 22/07/2017 
QTH: Bantayan island, Philippines 
Grid: PK11vd 

IOHS/AF017 by 173HS110 Yeye - (Deleted due to technicals problems) 
Date: 24/07/2017 
QTH: Rodrigues Island 
Grid: MH10rh

IOHS/OC129 by 16HS1781 Louis 
Date: 25/07 to 29/07/2017 
QTH: Mactan island, Philippines 
Grid: PK20ag

IOHS/OC136 by ZL3MA Graham 
Date: 04/08 to 13/08/2017 
QTH: South island, New Zealand 
Grid: RE66im

IOHS/AS007 by JA1WCV Ninja 
Date: 09/08 to 12/08/2017 
QTH: Honshu Island, Japan 
Grid: PM95uq

Castles On HamSphere

COHS/DU014 by 16HS1781 Louis 
Date: 03 July to 08 July 2017 
QTH: Fort of San Pedro, Cebu 
Grid: PK10wh 
Country: Philippines

HamSphere Event station

During the month of May the 1st Event stations on HamSphere 14HE2 France, 50HE2 Russia and 314HE2 Turkmenistan were active to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of the Late Night DX group.

You plan to be active on HamSphere from a rare, most wanted or new country, from an island, a castle or a lighthouse? Please contact 14HS1 Pat via HamSphere Private Message. I will try to help you! Soon on HamSphere: 
We are looking for some activities from South America island… ;) 
We are waiting for 1st COHS activities from NA, SA, OC or AF…. ;) 
Any activities from lighthouses all around the world are very welcome 

LNDX HamSphere Club Awards

We are proud to announce the LNDX Awards which are the first officially issued awards for an external group. The HamSphere Late Night DXers led by ON8AIR is a very active DX group

As seen above the LNDX score is listed as a number in the LN column.

Each award is numbered in sequence and here are the requirements:

100 countries confirmed
on a single HF band (except 48m)

100 Countries on each
of 5 HF bands (except 48m)

LNDXHC1000 Award
1000 countries, added total from all
HF bands (except 48m)

HamSphere 80 Meter Award Net

By Larry N8RGO

The HamSphere 80 Meter Award Net was formed with the express purpose of helping operators old and new alike achieve their 80 meter award. In my opinion I feel that the 80 meter award could be the fastest award to obtain in the sense that you only need 25 states on the 80 meter band to get it. Yes, not all the states are around all the time and for some states it might be hit or miss if you can catch them anywhere, but now with the 80 meter award net we may be able to bridge that gap and get the award much quicker.

In the Fall and Winter you can expect to see upto 2 hour nets with some nets having 20 or more operators at times. Also we usally have 2 net control operators one handling local U.S. and Canadian Traffic with another handling DX traffic. Those nets start at 0100 UTC, and you may find that we have the net at least twice a week . As we push on into Spring and Summer the net drops to 0300 with only 1 night a week. Propagation is not very good during those months and with people doing more activities outside we do see a drop on HS 4

Here is just a few of the net checkins, again more in the Fall and Winter then in the Spring and Summer, but there are two many to list here.

N8RGO - Larry (OH) Net Control, NA1NA - Dan (ND) Secondary Net Control, 2HS1189 - Rik (IN) Net Logger. Other regular checkins are: KC9HH - Harold (IL); 2HS5147 - John (IA); 2HS7363 Robert (TN), KA0AK Dick (AZ), K0DUB Scott (MN), KJ4SPJ John (TN), KJ4BET Ricardo (GA) KB2OFZ David (MD), 2HS5583 David (TX), 2HS8113 Bob (MA), KE5SUF Bob (AR), 10HS2329 Eric (Netherlands), 19HS2741 Wim (Steenberger), 16HS1781 Louis (Belgium), 68HS100 Eddie (Belfast), 14HS1 Pat (France), 6HS773 Luz Mery (Cali).

I want to say there is something about winning awards that makes an operator feel good and have a sense of accomplishment. We not only want to help those achieve an award but make them feel like they are a part of something special at the same time.

The 80 meter award net especially during the late Fall and Winter is somewhat of a faster pace net as to give all participants a chance to exchange their cards and get new states. While we can all have fun and get a few words of interest in, it is important to keep in mind the reason we are all here.

We do maintain an 80 meter award net facebook page and once you are a member here are a few rules to follow, not only for the page itself but also while on the net.
1) No conversations invoking religious and political topics
2) No bad language of any kind
3) No pornographic material what so ever
4) Plan to attend the entire net, especially if you're state is the only one represented at that net. Should something come up of importance we understand if you must leave.
5) Only speak during the net at the request of net control.
6) Try and keep most of the posts and comments in the FB group toward HamSphere related articles, great articles of interest in amateur radio, and of course things pertaining to helping other operators and this particular net in general.

If anybody has any questions regarding the rules please get a hold of me personally and I will be more than happy to talk to you about them and address you're concerns.

I always encourage everyone to check into as many nets as you can. Nets are very important and bring many operators together


Awards and Contests on HS 4

Hi all. I’m Pavel UR5FAI, contest-manager of HamSphere 4.0. Many contests were held with big successes on HS4.0 since last Spring newsletter. There were several old contests and in additions a one absolutely new contest – HamSphere 4.0 British contest. I hope you enjoyed them all. Last week we added new HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest to promote QSOs with people who live far from main party (Europe, Asia and North America). We want this people to be heard and we have made for them additional category E: Southern Hemisphere with additional prizes. Link to enjoy this contest is - https://hs4.hamsphere.com/contest.php?mode=edit&contest_id=584 We are calling all operators of HamSphere from Southern Hemisphere to participate this contest even for a several hours. We need all of you in the contest !

And now about what contests will be held in the future. We are waiting for :
HamSphere 4.0 CW contest (2 of September 2017)
HamSphere 4.0 Southern Hemisphere contest (23 of September)
HamSphere 4.0 Russian DX contest (planned for October 2017 and will be added to official contest page very soon)
HamSphere 4.0 Autumn RDF contest (planned for 12 of October 2017- maybe some changes, I will tell some words about this event bellow)
Late Night DX Gang Worldwide prefixes contest (2 days event 25-26 of November 2017, similar to real HAM radio CQ WPX contest, very interesting and one of the big events for this year)
The North American winter contest (2 days event 16-17 of December 2017)

We are planning to add several new contests for 2018, but this is words for next newsletter.
And now about RDF event. All information about this event you can find on Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/groups/672109146258046/ Please read all topics there. We have practice RDF beacons and we are discussing there about position of this beacons and helping newcomers and beginners to understand how to operate on RDF contests and be useful to your team.

And last word. Kelly and me have made already an official HamSphere 4.0 contest page on Facebook. Link is https://www.facebook.com/groups/1692774644081028/ You are welcome there.

73. De UR5FAI Pavel.

The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang

Welcome to our group!!

Since the 9th of May 2015 (22.00 UTC) we created a new crew on HamSphere 4 (with permission of Kelly Lindman SM7NHC).Target of the group: generate more activity on HS4

Check out if you have the 'Worked 50 Countries Award' on HamSphere 4.
Once you have this you can become a FULL MEMBER.
If you haven’t worked 50 countries yet… you will be a NOVICE HOWLER, till you obtained your 50 countries.

It's all FREE!!!!
The only thing you have to do is...Fill the membership form and send your picture with the best resolution as possible). Don’t forget to give us your Facebook profile link and email address.We need to see your 'Worked 50 Countries Award' to become a FULL MEMBER (so don't forget to send it to us!!!!)
Send these information only via e-mail to: info@latenightdx.info
You have not already confirmed 50 countries? It’s not a problem. You can get “Novice Howler” status until you get the 50 countries award!!!

We are going to create special CERTIFICATES (non-official HS4 awards) for the gang
Organize a Late Night DX-gang DX-net on HS4
Activations and games.
WolfPack/LNDX contests

Member number (Wolfnumber NH# for full-members or Novice howler-number Nh# if you haven’t worked 50 countries yet).
Membership certificate
Some special personalized WolfPak QSL cards
Information about our activities.

Send an e-mail to: info@latenightdx.info


Good luck with your membership of our group and hope to work you soon!

Once a week, our board of directors decides about all member requests because we only want descent operators in our gang. Once you are accepted you will receive all needed info (QSL-cards, membership card, membership certificate, HamSpirit-notes, etc…)

Malfunction or bad operating wolves on the bands (e.g. bulldozers) will be deleted by our board. Those stations will no longer have the possibility to operate in name of our WolfPack and they are not authorized to have our logo/brand on their QSL-cards.


Facebook link: https://www.facebook.com/groups/LateNightDX/

Digimodes on HamSphere

Digimodes have become more active on HamSphere.

Here are some comments from Branko YU4DX:

We see 8-FSK modulation, aka FT8 as well as other slower digital modes JT9, JT65. Proper software defining of possible codecs needed or else inside HS4 in order to integrate WSJT and use of its digital protocols onto HS4 platform. I guess if allowed and involved likewise, at small band portions, or at suggested frequencies in range of up to 5 Khz, or even less, I believe and hope it would revolve and evolve 2-ways during and while poor band condx but of course could encourage and populate more of a lower band's activities (160, 80, 60, even 40 and 30m). Occupies small bandwidth of 47Hz, TX duration doesn't exceed 14 sec, multi-times faster completion of a QSO, decoding thresholds approx -20dB and even more.. Extra advantage - OPs will get in familiar with WSJT QSO protocols; furthermore, Weak Signal Communication decoding sys will be a must to if/when VHF/UHF will be applied onto HS4.. Personally, I could not imagine fully operational HAM OP without K1JT's WSJT softW, in a sense of its necessity.. GL!
Hope its implementation and use is HS4 programmable .. 73s Branco

From Michael Recagno ZB3M we get this info: PSK31 an SSTV which are the two most used, I dont think FT8 is gonna work on HS4 due to latency times on some countries. :( but maybe a Hamsphere version of WSJT-X could work. :)

As for tips please keep mic levels at minimum, The volume slider plugin is very useful as it indicates the volume level in digit, this in combination with the S-Meter plus helps a lot in maintaining good audio levels. Also 5 or 10w is more than enough lol


Some Digimode tips By Steve, KC3AZT:

I have an article on the HamSphere Datamodes page on Facebook where I have made graphic diagrams to help you understand a bit more on how to wire your sound cards when working Digimodes. I am also describing a typical manual PTT and a VOX set-up operational type layout. Please follow this link!

When it comes to Easy Beginners Digital Programs, let’s start with what I feel is the easiest simplest DiGi program. I personally recommend FliDigi. The current version is 4.0.8 as of today from the best of my knowledge. When you go to install FliDigi it will ask you if you like to install Flac, say no or simply uncheck the box during installation, only if you plan to use FliDigi for HamSphere. Click on the Help found top side menu and look for Beginner’s Guide. It’s here that you can read up and get yourself familiarized with all the popular modes of digital communications. If you prefer you can also join the Digimodes On HamSphere Facebook group where you will most likely get a correct answer to that detailed question you may have. You can always find me via the HamSphere 4.0 platform floating around as well if you like more detailed explanations on any subject matter related to how to. 73 and look forward hearing from you soon on 30 meters! Steve, KC3AZT.



The 4.0 BC Band News

Latest band plan:

By Steve, KC3AZT

Well here we are once again going into a new Fall Season for 2017! This is an awesome time of the year for SWLin World Wide on the HamSphere 4.0 platform! A few powerhouses here in the States have reported decent signal reports from other parts of the Globe as an extra ordinary event over the past few weeks. As the recent Solar Eclipse we have experienced here in the States a few weeks back one might think what are the possibilities this will ever happen again? Well just like the BC band if the right listener is in the right location at the perfect time yes they can also witness something pretty spectacular as far as a somewhat rare event, comparing this to the eclipse just for the sake of comparison. I was recently going through one of the HamSphere Facebook group pages and came across a post from Graham ZL3MA. Graham screen recorded about a particular broadcast station which he felt it may have had to be readjusted as far as modulation and power output. Long story short what I seen in the video which was really astonishing was the decent signal that Radio Cool was putting straight down the waterfall about 60 KC’s up on the frequency of 06.265 MHz. from the station Graham was talking about! Mind you that it’s a few and far East Coast USA stations including my Radio Phly that may actually make the long distant trip into The Lands Down Under being Graham’s QTH of New Zealand. However, stating again sometimes the conditions are just perfect, and it’s usually the case where the Short Wave Listener is not even looking.

Here is Antonio (Radio SQRA 6290 KHz.) just recently returned from a long awaited vacation through popular Cities such as Hamra Beirut Lebanon and the surroundings. We welcome Antonio back and hope he highly enjoyed his getaway for a while. Look for Radio SQRA on the frequency of 06.290.00 MHz. in the 48 meter band.

To finalize a quick word about audio quality for the listener. A wise choice to invest into the COD plugin, after installing simply click on the “OFF “button on the plugin itself. This in return will match up your RX bandwidth with that of the broadcasting station. Most Radio_1234 stations do use the cod plugin in the off or activated position for maximal audio quality. The Radio_1234 station will usually advertise in the rolling cluster that they have it and are transmitting with the COD-OFF or activated position. To top it off I highly recommend investing into the 4.0 Equalizer. After installation you will immediately notice the excellent audio quality after you customize your scale settings. I recommend setting the 3.2 Hz. bar to about the center or half way. Then turn the 1.6 Hz. bar down to about 1/4th from the bottom. This in return will help drown out unwanted QRN or noise floor static. Custom set the 0.8 Hz. bar to around 1/4th the way up also, try experimenting especially with this scale tone to achieve your preferred audio qualities. 0.4, 0.2 and the lowest Hz. scale 0.1 are basically the bass side of the EQ. Set all three according to your listening pleasure. The factory radio includes a basic bandwidth baud rate also. I recommend setting this to 3.2 Kc. If for instance you happen to be receiving QRN or bleed over from another station try switching to 1.8 Kc. then modify the lost audio highs simply by increasing the 3.2 Hz. audio on the EQ. Hope my info helps and you can always ask if not sure.

Our Facebook group has now 300 some members; this is where you will find the most up to date information about the 48 meter BC Band and also the 3.0 platform as well. Click the link to join us and thank you to all the dedicated listeners on this awesome band! 73 and Good SWLin from Radio Phly USA.


Bill W2RST with Radio_COOL (6265 kHz)

Radio_COOL after relocating to 6265 kHz a few months back, continues to broadcast a mixed format of COOL sounds. Late night broadcasts from South Carolina (U.S.A.) with Live-mic comments and shout-outs are the norm. Bill thanks his loyal followers for the signal reports, comments and cards being sent to Radio_COOL on 6265 kHz.

Q5 Radio

This Internet Radio Station originated in October 2014.

We started at the beginning with a Group of Discjoys and DJs who provided Syndicated Programs. (Radio Shows without Stations Name, which are also broadcast at other Radio & Internet stations.) After broadcasting a horizontal mix of programs for more than 2 years, one thing became clear. Q5 Radio had no own face / audience in Format on Radio , As we actually expected.

Since September 2016, things have usually changed, with the mutual Respect saying goodbye to the DJs who shared their Programs with other Radio Internet Stations, despite the fact that it was definitely good Radio Shows, we continued with Discjockey's that only for Q5 Radio and Live from their own Studio.

This means that there will be 24 hours of day-to-day music from Monday to Friday. During the Weekend there are various programs with fixed times and DJs. Of course, there is definitely room for New Discjoys, info on the page, DJ Wanted .

Additionally, Q5 Radio has been broadcast worldwide via HamSphere 4.0 for some time

We do this on the BC-48Mtr. Band, Frequency 6285

Koos Van Der Stee

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Geert 13HS575
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