HamSphere Newsletter May 2017
2017-05-10 11:43

Dear HamSphere Operators

Welcome to the Spring 2017 Edition of the HamSphere Newsletter. May is here and we have a lot of good stuff coming your way so here we go:

HamSphere 3.0 News

Our entry level HamSphere 3.0 is still very popular, in 2017 we have seen about 15000 active call signs on HamSphere 3.0 to compare with HamSphere 4.0 where the number of active call signs were 5000 but on the increase. We have also opened up some contests on HS3.0 and intend to run a few each year.

Recently we have introduced "Elmers" on the system who are there to help new users on the system. Our Elmers are currently:

Robert, G0MOK
Tom, HB9DJ
Robert, M0RCK
Tony, MI0HPX
Jim, VE2QK

HamSphere introduced the "Elmer" system to HamSphere 3.0 to help and assist all operators on the HamSphere 3.0 system. As HamSphere 3.0 is the entry level platform to HamSphere, some guidence maybe needed for our new users to the system. Our Elmers are available for Q&A, general information about our platform and general assistance if needed. If you are a trial user, subscriber, DX-User or a seasoned operator, the "Elmer" system is in place for all the HamSphere community. The "Elmers" can be found on HamSphere 3.0 and are identified with an (E) beside there call sign. Moderators are also availiable on the system and are identified with an (M) beside there call sign.

A word from one of the Elmers
The Elmers are there to help new and trial stations to get the most from this great program. With their knowledge of Amateur Radio and their knowledge of this system they have been asked to do this role. They are to be found on HS3 throughout the day and mainly are there to make the experience for new users as pleasurable as possible. They help stations to know what the buttons do and how to find the code of conduct. They also teach users how to log contacts and how to make and send QSL cards. If you hear any of them on the frequency please give them a call they are a friendly bunch of operators. With their knowledge of Amateur Radio they can pass on skills they have learned over their time on "Real Radio". Lets enjoy this program together de G0MOK Robert.

Elmering or mentoring has long been the backbone of Amateur Radio. While technology constantly evolves, the human interaction between hams will not be replaced and will always remain one of the hobby's strongest traditions. As licensed hams we are all ambassadors of Amateur Radio and we should always be looking at ways in which we can welcome newly licensed hams and project a positive image that will attract others to ham radio.

Results: HamSphere 3.0 "Christmas Contest 2016", Phone

The HamSphere "Christmas Contest 2016" that was held 2016-12-26 08:30 to 11:00.

Congratulations to Dainius, M0HMJ who won this contest with the score of 1890. Well done!
We would like to thank all contesters for your participation. Welcome back 26 Dec 2017.

Full results

HamSphere 4.0 News

We are pleased to announce that the HamSphere 4.0 app has finally been released for Android on Google Play.

The HamSphere 4.0 Android is based on a VHF/UHF/HF basic transceiver with additional Plug-Ins. All users regardless of subscription status (Trial or Subscribers) get a 7 day free trial of the HF Modules. The VFO and VHF/UHF module is however functional for trial users during the entire trial period (30 days).

There are more plugin in the works such as HF Scanner, HF Propagation modules, "No Codec" module, WX Data, Net Controller, Event calender, Equalizer, Control panel etc

The VHF/UHF and VFO modules are included for free in the subscription.
The Mobile App does not provide TX capabilities on the BC band.


For realism we have developed a new set of portable antennas. These antennas are designed with NEC (Numerical Electromagnetics Code) and based on wire antenna solutions that can be carried in a back pack. Such antennas are for example the new Moxon and J-Pole antennas. The mobile app is not designed to use any of your PC based antennas and there is no possibility to transfer antennas between the systems.

For DX-ers we also provide cheap fixed so called Tree-Yagies that are mounted in a certain direction.

Have a look at https://mobishop.hamsphere.com (Please note, the shop is designed for mobile use and should be viewed on a mobile phone)

A short note on plug-ins. The mobile plug-ins are totally different from the PC version plug-ins and should not be confused by those. The mobile plug-ins are fully redesigned and does not even use the same code nor technology. Hence you can not transfer your PC plugins to the mobile app and vice versa. This also means that you need to purchase these special plug-ins from our special mobile shop.

Discuss the app in the HamSphere 4.0 Mobile group:

HamSphere has introduced three new awards with different targets. Award 1 is a Grid award where the mobile operator needs to work a certain number of Grid and countries. Award 2 is the WAS (Worked All States) award as a mobile version and finally Award 3 is a very special "Below the equator" award, where the operators gets points by working ops located in the southern hemisphere.

Summer Sale
We have now gotten over 10000 installs of the HamSphere 4.0 app since the launch a month ago. The Summer is here and we celebrate this with a HS Mobile Shop Summer Sale where we have the Moxons and Plug-ins on sale for a limited time. https://mobishop.hamsphere.com

Official HamSphere Facebook groups

HamSphere main group

HamSphere 4.0 main group

HamSphere 4.0 Mobile

HamSphere 4.0 Plug-in suggestions

HamSphere 4.0 Tech Support

HamSphere QSL Cards

Awards and Contests on HS 4

Good day dear friends. I'm Pavel UR5FAI HamSphere Contest Club founder and contest manager. We are preparing rules for 3 or 4 new contests for this year (South Hemisphere contest (or All DX contest), British DX contest and Russian DX contest). This year we will make some corrections to existing contest rules and next years all contest rules will be copy pasted from 2017. So all contest rules for 2017 will be the same in 2018. Also i'm opened for all users, who want to suggest something interesting. Send me PM via my Facebook page or via HamSphere messenger system. We will disscuss rules of your suggestions and will add your contest very shortly, if rules will be good for Administration of HamSphere. I wish you good luck in the contests, good propagation during all contests and good rare DXes.

de UR5FAI Pavel.

New awards

At the time of writing we have issued two Master DXer awards. Last year we issued a special "Master DXer Milestone Certificate Q4 2016" and this year we started with the "Master DXer Milestone Certificate Q1 2017"

Here is a link to a semi Live update of the contest status: Link to the Master DX Award page


Upcoming contests

10-11 of June 2017 - HamSphere 4.0 Summer contest (will be added very soon, rules are similar to Spring contest)
15 of July 2017 - HamSphere 4.0 French DX contest
5 of August 2017 - HamSphere 4.0 British contest (will be added very soon)

Contest winners and results

"The North American Low Frequency Contest 2016, Group A, US/Canada ", 3 Dec 2016:
1st prize – Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Derek, KD0PNP is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Garth, VE3HO is awarded 15 HS Credits

The North American Low Frequency Contest 2016, Group B, Europe & Asia" 3 Dec 2016.
1st prize – Dainius, M0HMJ is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Alexander, RA9CUH is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Boris, 50HS7127 is awarded 15 HS Credits

"The North American Low Frequency Contest 2016, Group C, South America, Central America & Caribbean islands, Africa, Australia & Oceania.", 3 Dec 2016.
1st prize – Enrique, TI2LL is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Andre, VK7AE is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Fabio, PY5ZR is awarded 15 HS Credits

"The North American High Frequency Contest 2016, Group A, US/Canada" 17 Dec 2016.
1st prize – Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Rob, 2HS6874 is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Dean, 9HS158 is awarded 15 HS Credits

"The North American High Frequency Contest 2016, Group B, Europe & Asia" 17 Dec 2016.
1st prize – Ravi, VU2RVE is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Leon, 4Z5DW is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Dainius, M0HMJ is awarded 15 HS Credits

"The North American High Frequency Contest 2016, Group C, South America, Central America & Caribbean islands, Africa, Australia & Oceania " 17 Dec 2016.
1st Prize - Diego, 12HS212 is awarded 30 HS Credits + Certificate
2nd prize – Andre, VK7AE is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize – Luz Mery, 6HS773 is awarded 15 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4 New Year Contest 2017" 14 Jan 2017
1st Prize: Alex, RG5A, Russian Federation with 202027 points wins 100 HS Credits. Congratulations!
2nd Prize: Alexander, RA9CUH, Russian Federation with 159104 points wins 50 HS Credits. Congratulations!
3rd Prize: Igor, UA9UCO, Russian Federation with 146400 points wins 40 HS Credits. Congratulations!
4th Prize: Leon, 4Z5DW, Israel with 139691 points wins 30 HS Credits. Congratulations!
5th Prize: Victor, UX7IT, Ukraine with 116985 points wins 20 HS Credits. Congratulations!
6th Prize: Chris, 50HS5873, Russian Federation with 102416 points wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!
7th Prize: Sebastien, 14HS3000, France with 100868 points wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!
8th Prize: Boris, 50HS7127, Russian Federation with 95328 points wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!
9th Prize: Franck, 14HS4015, France with 94380 points wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!
10th Prize: Ravi, VU2RVE, India with 90858 points wins 10 HS Credits. Congratulations!

"HamSphere 4.0 All Asia DX contest 2017 Group A: Asia " 18 Feb 2017
1st prize - Toshi, HS/JA2DOU is awarded 40 HS Credits
2nd prize - Alex, RG5A is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Gary, RK3M is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 All Asia DX contest 2017 Group B: Europe" 18 Feb 2017
1st prize - Andy, SP2DNI is awarded 40 HS Credits
2nd prize - Luis, 31HS310 is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Bruno, 16HS1474 is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 All Asia DX contest 2017 Group C: North America and South America" 18 Feb 2017
1st prize - Garth, VE3HO is awarded 40 HS Credits
2nd prize - Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Fabio, PY5ZR is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 All Asia DX contest 2017 Group D: Africa and Oceania " 18 Feb 2017
1st prize - Karmo, 172HS128 is awarded 40 HS Credits
2nd prize - Brian, 43HS01 is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Bruce, 43HS031 is awarded 10 HS Credits

"Late Night DX Gang European Union Open Championship 2017 - Group A, Asia" 4 Mar 2017
1st prize - Alex, RG5A is awarded 50 HS Credits
2nd prize - Gary, RK3M is awarded 30 HS Credits
3rd prize - Igor, UA9UCO is awarded 20 HS Credits

"Late Night DX Gang European Union Open Championship 2017 - Group B, Europe" 4 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Pavel, UR5FAI is awarded 50 HS Credits
2nd prize - Dainius, M0HMJ is awarded 30 HS Credits
3rd prize - Manuel, 31HS1112 is awarded 20 HS Credits

"Late Night DX Gang European Union Open Championship 2017 - Group C, North and South America" 4 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Luz Mery, 6HS773 is awarded 50 HS Credits
2nd prize - Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 30 HS Credits
3rd prize - Rade, VA7OO is awarded 20 HS Credits

"Late Night DX Gang European Union Open Championship 2017 - Group D, Africa and Oceania " 4 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Yeye, 173HS110 is awarded 50 HS Credits
2nd prize - Dave, 44HS1472 is awarded 30 HS Credits
3rd prize - Andre, VK7AE is awarded 20 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 Pacific Ocean Contest 2017 Group A, Europe" 25 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Alex, RG5A is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Dainius, M0HMJ is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Wojtek, SP4QCU is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 Pacific Ocean Contest 2017 Group B, Asia" 25 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Ravi, VU2RVE is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Leon, 4Z5DW is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Abdul, 9W2EEK is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 Pacific Ocean Contest 2017 Group C,North America and South America" 25 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Luz Mery, 6HS773 is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Daniel, NA1NA is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Rob, 2HS6874 is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 Pacific Ocean Contest 2017 Group D, Africa and Oceania" 25 Mar 2017.
1st prize - Andre, VK7AE is awarded 30 HS Credits
2nd prize - Jean Marie, TU2QU/FO is awarded 20 HS Credits
3rd prize - Brian, 43HS01 is awarded 10 HS Credits

"HamSphere 4.0 Spring Contest 2017" 8 Apr 2017.
Amazing participation with almost 200 valid contesters.
Alex, RG5A again big 1st prize winner with 585 QSOs and 765336 points. Good work Alex!

Congratulations to these winners:

1st prize: Alex, RG5A, 100 HS Credits
2nd prize: Ravi, VU2RVE, 50 HS Credits
3rd prize: Toshi, HS/JA2DOU, 40 HS Credits
4th prize: Chris, 50HS5873, 30 HS Credits
5th prize: Dainius, M0HMJ, 20 HS Credits
6th prize: Luz Mery, 6HS773, 10 HS Credits
7th prize: Pat, 14HS1, 10 HS Credits
8th prize: Igor, UA9UCO, 10 HS Credits
9th prize: Manuel, 31HS1112, 10 HS Credits
10th prize: Marc, F6EJI, 10 HS Credits

RDF Challenges on HamSphere 4.0

For the 2nd year in a row we ran the RDF (Radio Direction Finding) DX Challenge on HamSphere 4.0 platform. The last contest was held 16-24 April 2017 and we had 5 teams participating. We congratulate the Epsilon team that managed to pinpoint the beacons with the score of 5988 and won this contest. They got 20HS12 within a 1 km range which is amazing!!! Also team Omega did a decent result with 1535 and nailed 15HS14 within 62km. One strange thing is the location of the Alpha teams 17HS12, it is just meters away from the real location and must have been a lucky guess as the accuracy of the RDF is about 25km. The Beta and PI teams need a little more practice. Beta team came closest to 17HS16 with 486km and PI team did relatively well on the same beacon with 158km.

2017 RDF Spring teams:

Epsilon - Pavel UR5FAI (captain), Toshi HS/JA2DOU, Alexey 50HS6209, Andre VK7AE, Andy SP2DNI, Luz Mery 6HS773
Pi - Scott K0DUB (ex KE0LHW) (captain), Wil 16HS1495, Ian 43HS2680
Alpha - KC3AZT Steve (captain), 35HS395 Gerhard, VK7KT Graeme, 146HS970 Miloud, TI2SSO Sal
Beta - Graham ZL3MA (captain), Denver 4S7DA, Vladimir EW7ABW, George VO2AA, Karim 7X2KF, Dan NA1NA
Omega - Branko YU4DX is a captain, 50HS5873 Chris, 39HS135 Vladimir, CX3BA Eduardo, JG1QEM Daisuke and Estelle YJ8ED

The RDF Challenge is an 8 day event where several teams participate and try to locate the physical position of various CW beacons operating from different locations around the world. The participating teams will attempt to find the best fix by homing into the beacons using HF DX Triangulation methods. The participating teams work as a group with a team leader coordinating operations for each team. The bearings reported by members of the team are then collated, sanitized and analyzed be the team leader in consultation of members to finalize the prospective location of each beacon. The final report is submitted to HamSphere at the end of the contest.


There are always five CW beacons transmitting at any point in time during the contest on each of the following bands. 40m, 30m, 20m, 17m, and 15m. The beacons are usually spread out across the world and across various continents. There locations are unknown to all HamSphere users.


At the start of the contest all five beacons become operational. These beacons transmit continuously (round the clock) for the first 48 Hours. Thereafter, at 00 UTC after 48 hours, all beacons are randomly relocated to new geographic locations. The set of five beacons are therefore geographically relocated every 48 hours. Hence each team have 48 hours to complete homing procedures for each set of beacons.


Every beacon that is set up for the RDF Challenge has an anonymous naming structure. The CW beacon identifier is not carrying any clue to the location of the beacon. For instance, the first set of five beacons operating on the first two days are called 40HS12, 30HS12, 20HS12, 17HS12 and 15HS12. The prefix specifies the band and the suffix specified the start date of the beacon.

Every team should attempt to try and locate as many beacons as possible. As there are four sets of five beacons spread over 8 days, teams will have an opportunity to locate a total of 20 beacons over the duration of the contest. However, please remember that any set of five beacons will be available only for two days before they are changed.

Join the RDF Contest Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/672109146258046/

Latest from the India DX Net

India DX Net (a.k.a IDX Net) is into its fifth year of operation on HamSphere. We are the oldest running net on the HamSphere platform. Since its inception on 2nd August 2012, IDX Net had been running on a daily basis on HamSphere 3.0. However, now we run the net thrice a week on HS3 and once a week on HS4 as per the current schedule declared below. The objective of IDX Net is to disseminate information regarding both HamSphere 3.0 and 4.0 platforms. It is a discussion net with a global reach. Not only is the net regarded as a source of authentic information pertaining to HamSphere, it also regularly dwells into topics related to HF Radio Propagation, Antennas, Operating practices, Ethics, HF Transceivers, Station equipment setup and various other matters related to Ham Radio. Our strength stems from the vast pool of knowledgebase and collective wisdom of participating Ham Radio operators.

Now, with the launch of HS4 Mobile for the Android platform, we believe that the need for assistance, guidance and furnishing authentic platform related information to new operators would be paramount.

HamSphere 4.0 has always endeavored to provide an excellent and realistic virtual HF communication environment with a carefully modeled propagation platform and real-time updates. The virtual HF antennas on HS4 feature unparalleled performance with ultimate accuracies and uncanny realism when compared to the real world HF antennas. To leverage the experience and extract maximum mileage from this wonderful setup, it is important for the operators on HS4 to acquire a better understanding of HF propagation. To cater to this need, India DX Net devotes considerable time with emphasis on discussions related to HF radio propagation and finer nuances of various antennas.

Drawn from various topics which are discussed on the IDX Net, we routinely create informative articles of significance to HF Amateur Radio operators and present them for reading and archival on our officially approved Facebook group called "HamSphere IDX Net - HF Radio" Group. This is an ever-growing repository of articles related to HF radio. Anyone who may be interested in accessing these articles is cordially invited to join us at the following URL:


For live discussions, please come and join us on IDX Net on both HS3 and HS4 as per the schedule given below. We will be pleased to take up any questions or topic of discussion which are brought up by you.

India DX Net operating schedule...

HamSphere 3.0 Platform
Frequency: 28.455 MHz (10m band) +/-QRM
Net Time: 12:00 UTC onwards
Net Days: Monday, Wednesday, Friday

HamSphere 4.0 Platform
Frequency: 18.123 MHz (17m band) +/-QRM
Net Time: 12:00 UTC onwards
Net Days: Saturday

Net Control Station: VU2NSB (Basu)

Hamshere 60 Meter North American net

The 60-Meter band gives you the opportunity to carry on a QSO with members of HamSphere who live within the proximity of a radius of 500 - 600 miles from each other. In North America, the propagation is at its best during the evening hours. This Net gives the operators the opportunity to be part of a group living in Canada, United States, Mexico and other countries.

The North America 60 Meter Net was started November 2014 when 9HS299, Terry and 9HS158, Dean got together on the 60 Meter Band for a time of Rag Chew. The North America 60 Meters Net came into being to bring Friends together and rag-chew with each other. Soon others were joining them and the net became a reality. Due to increased volunteer duties for Terry, KC3AZT Steve and KC9HH Harold stepped up to keep the net running. Then due to some health issues the net sort of fell by the wayside.

Over coffee, Terry and Wayne, 9HS4755 decided to revive the net and came back with the idea that it should be a Discussion (Rag Chew) and Information net. We already had a Card Exchange net in the 80 Meter Award Net and thought that the discussion and sharing of information would be a popular idea, though we do have some card exchanges it is not the thrust of the net.

The first session of the revised North American 60 Meter Net happened on the 26th of January 2017 with 16 stations checking in. With a few growing pains, it developed into three nights a week commencing at 01:00 UTC - Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday. The idea also was not to be on the same evening as the 80-Meter Award net. Over time and with some modifications the net changed to Wednesday and Friday nights at 01:00 UTC.

As Net Controllers, we decided to break the Net proceedings down into quarters, the first quarter usually contains check-ins and any business to be discussed pertaining to the Net itself including new ideas to keep things interesting. The second quarter is for good old school Ham Rag Chew. The third, More Rag Chew! Depending on how many operators check in also may extend the typical time frame which is usually 1 hour but in reality usually extends to 1 Hr. and 30 min, 2 Hrs at most if it's a busy night. The Net controller will do his/her best to accommodate all interested but we do need to set a limit, usually up to 20 operators at max, but it depends on the net controller. At the beginning of the 3rd quarter the controller will give a final and last call for new check-ins, any check-ins afterwards need to be passed in order to wrap up the Net.

Finally the last quarter, QSL Card exchanges which need to be directed on a one to one basis to a participating operator in which you like to swap signal reports to obtain the contact and points towards an official HamSphere 4.0 Award.
When we have a Subject Mater Expert do a presentation on the North America 60 Meter Net we obtained permission to have these presentations on the 2 Meter Band. Our first couple of presentations were on the 60-Meter Band and some of our attendees had some difficulty hearing the program. By moving to 2 meters, we have had operators listening from around the globe.
In the spring with the increase in noise levels on the 60 Meter Band, we sought and obtained permission to move the net to 40 Meter and this has proved to beneficial to all involved. From the East Coast to the West Coast and in between the various operators can hear all of the transmissions.

We have had some lively and animated discussions on both the 60 and 40 meter net and we have had the following presentations enjoyed by all in attendance:
• VA7FT – Tim presented a program on Split Frequency
• KC3AZT – Steve presented a program on the Broad Cast Band
• VA7FT – Tim presented a program on VOCAP
• KS1K – Dave presented a program on DXpeditions
o With assistance from ZL3MA - Graham
• VE3HO – Garth presented a program on CW
• WL1B – Brandin presented a program on his tour in the North
• KC9HH – Harold presented a program on Antennas in HS4
• WL1B – Brandin presented a program on Amateur Radio Etiquette

The later presentations a video was produced and was placed on the Facebook page for the net.
Though as previously stated this is not a card exchange net, we have had a couple of rare stations come in and there has been some card exchange.
This net is primarily designed for the North American HS4 Operator but we welcome all who can participate in the net.
Finally I would like to thank 9HS299, Terry a long time and skilled operator for his vision and ideas to start this net and keep it going as we have it today.
I would encourage all HS4 Operators in North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico) to become active participants in this net, join us bring your questions, ideas and promote this net for the good of our great hobby.

Link to the Rag Chew Net Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/658843597656106/
Link to the North America 60m net Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/northamerica60meternet/

Terry 9HS299 – Net Administrator/Net Logger
Wayne 9HS4755 – Net Control

The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang

The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang is the biggest family of HS4-users!

Since the 9th of May 2015 we have a new hardworking and organised crew on HamSphere 4: The HamSphere Late Night DX-gang, founded by Georg BARBARY (ON8AIR).

The most important target of the group is to generate more activity on HamSphere 4.
A member of that ‘gang’ is called a NightHowler or a Wolf.

The 4.0 BC Band News

By Steve, KC3AZT,

Let’s start out by welcoming a few new Broadcasters to the 48 meter BC Band! RADIO_UKR on 6252 KHz, RADIO_INKA on 6213 KHz. , RADIO_Q5 on 6285 KHz. Next up let’s welcome back RADIO_1975 from a long break, how long? I actually forget, but anyway here’s a quote from Ian via the DJin In The BC Band FaceBook group:

“Hi All, Radio 1975 is now back ON AIR. I'll be trying various audio configs. Comments appreciated. In the coming weeks, I'll try to create some artwork for the Station. QSL cards will be the HamSphere default.”

Next we all have been hearing off and on Radio TICA, Mr. Sal, TI2SSO usually gets on in the later hours here State side, would be early mornings via Europe. Sal usually works clear odd frequencies broadcasting a variety of music formats, such as old classic Rock & Roll, sometimes an off-beat format of Pop Top Hits, which I need to say seems to have been recently becoming popular once again.

Radio PENY has been quiet for some time now and all the BCer’s have been recently inquiring about Bob wondering if all is OK, as soon as I hear from Bob I will let you know, good wishes to Bob and Family, all the guys are waiting to hear from him.

OK so let’s now cover the current propagation conditions on this unique band shall we? Yes indeed well I can tell you right off the bat that this time of year seems to be the peak Season for best long distant transmissions, compared to the past two years looking back it seems to be in that average range, maybe not even if better. Depending on how far the BCer will desire to reach is their responsibility to first put out some feelers as to where their signal is landing on what part of the world including if they may be causing QRM or undesired harmonics towards another broadcast or broadcaster.

As with any 100 watt HF Operator’s Station basic protocol must be followed along with the basic responsibilities, especially when one has the ability to one-thousand fold the emitted RF power. Sal TI2SSO has recently screen recorded a beautiful TX from Radio ULM earlier this month which the video can be viewed on the DJ FB Grp.

I myself, (Radio Phly) have been experimenting with getting input from avid BC Band listeners located in such places as Hawaii and the Philippines using real time live screen feeds. For any East Cost BC stations it is quite difficult and if it were to occur it would probably be a 20 to 1 shot to reach an advanced RX SWL:er anywhere in or around the Philippines. However never say never, a few times I did make it into the Philippines using full 1,100 watts input into the BC Array at around dusk my time. European Broadcasters have a much better advantage of hitting say locations such as North Korea, The Philippines and probably Japan as well. Radio Q5 has been noted throwing a decent signal into the Hawaiian Islands.

To start wrapping the letter here, I like to talk about the Short Wave Listener in general. First and foremost the listeners antenna. Obviously if it’s a local Broadcast, the IDC would work fine, if say there is QRM from another station on a nearby frequency then the next step would be to switch up to say the Super Beverage or standard Beverage antenna. If the QRM is still present then we can simply try using the audio filters. The final outcome should reject the unwanted QRM while at the same time giving you decent audio.

The next News Letter I will be hitting on available antennas, using any forward directional antenna to your RX advantage. How to use the forward directional antenna. There are multiple tools that you the SWL have, you just need to understand their potential and then experiment to teach yourself.

73 for now from Radio Phily and good SWLin!

Last post here ………. From an avid SWL, Dan NA1NA, “A thank you to all BC stations from a faithful listener....and maybe a plea for all BC stations to ID more often, some are very good, a few are very poor. I like to know who I'm listening to, so I can give them a signal report. Let them know that there are many of us out there listening!”

BCers Facebook group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/hamspheredjininthebcband/

Radio ULM

Hello, this is Geert Radio_ulm (and also 13HS575)
I have been broadcasting on the HamSphere 4.0 BC Band for some time and I now make regular broadcasts.
My station is called RADIO_ULM on 6260 kHz / 48m band.

My favorite music is:
Country music
Rock Music
Polka music
and also Oldie music

I always try to send the QSL back as soon as possible

Important info about BC station QSL: To send a QSL card to my station (or any other BC station), please do this:
Go on the freq. of the BC broadcaster. (e.g., my 6260 freq.)
Press the PTT button briefly and possibly on the Green [R] Reset links under the Log book. Then enter the call sign in you log book, Log the QSO and send your card.

73 de
Geert 13HS575

DXpedition Reports and Special Event Stations by Pat 14HS1

Dxpeditions list:

TM7T special callsign for french telethon 28 Nov 2016 to 04 Dec 2016
51HS4164 Andorra 04 Dec 2016 to 23 Dec 2016
IOHS/EU005 Great Britain island 04 Dec 2016 to 14 Dec 2016
9H/F0FOB Malta 04/12/2016 to 09/12/2016
8P/KS1K Barbados 14-16 Dec 2016
IOHS/AF016 Reunion island 06 Jan 2017 to 15 Jan 2017
IOHS/EU004 Mallorca island 13 Jan 2017 to 22 Jan 2017
KH0/JG1QEM Northern Mariana Islands 20 Jan 2017 to 24 Jan 2017
Arctic tour by WL1B January to April 2017
VY1/WL1B Yukon, Canada
VE8/WL1B Northwest Territories, Canada
VY0/WL1B Nunavut, Canada
Baffin Island NA047, Igloolik Island NA174, Ellesmere Island NA008, Cornwallis island NA009, Eureka station (small research base on Fosheim Peninsula, Ellesmere Island)
LOHS/FRA72 Lighthouse Pointe St Martin, France 29 Jan 2017 to 05 Feb 2017
88HS393 Cuba 02 Feb 2017 to 09 Feb 2017
IOHS/AF014 Madeira 04 Feb 2017 to 11 Feb 2017
DU/EK6VA Philippines Boracay OC129, Busuanga OC090, El Nido OC128, Sabang OC128 Feb to Apr 2017
DX0/EK6VA Spratly islands. From Thitu Island, Philippines area, (very rare and most wanted) 11 Feb 2017
HK0/HK6HFY San Andres & Providencia Islands 15 Feb 2017 to 20 Feb 2017
COHS/F2070 Castle of Brissac, France 25 Feb 2017 
A6/SP2MKV United Arab Emirate, Dubai 26 Feb to 03 Mar 2017
COHS/F2072 Castle of Saumur, France 11 Mar 2017
OX3/WL1B Greenland Mars 2017
XX9/JG1QEM Macau 25/03/2017 to 30/03/2017
IOHS/EU115 Ireland main island 03 Apr 2017 to 09 Apr 2017
IOHS/NA102 Grande terre island, Guadeloupe 11 Apr 2017 to 19 Apr 2017
A7/JA1WCV Qatar 11 Apr to 13 Apr 2017
EK/JA1WCV Armenia 14 Apr 2017
COHS/EA056 Castle of Benidorm, Spain 12 Apr 2017 to 18 Apr 2017
5V7/TY2AC Togo 28 Apr 2017 to 30 Apr 2017
HB0/SM7NHC and 40HS111 Liechtenstein 24 April 2017
Z3/PD7YY Macedonia 05 May 2017 to 12 May 2017


Islands: IOHS/EU…, IOHS/OC…, IOHS/NA… and IOHS/AF…
We are looking for some activity from south America island… ;)
Castle: COHS/FR…, COHS/DU… from France and Philippines
We are waiting for 1st COHS activities from NA, SA, OC or AF…. ;)
Lighthouse: LOHS/FR..., LOHS/USA…. From France and United states
Any others activities from lighthouses all around the world are very welcome 
Rare or most wanted countries: Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia,…

If you plan to be active on HamSphere from a rare, most wanted or new country, from an island, a castle or a lighthouse?
Please contact 14HS1 Pat via HamSphere Private Message. I will try to help you!

Some words from me 14HS1 Pat:

I’m 51, live in France, Brittany. Before HamSphere I was very active on 11m bands between 1984 and 2004 (around 250 countries/entities confirmed), also as SWL on all Ham bands I worked lot of contest in 90’s (CQWW, WPX, etc…), unfortunately an “incompatibility” with CW not allow me to get my Ham ticket

During 10 years I was far away from the Radio hobby due the vagaries of life and the impossibility to have any antennas where I live now. And in 2014 I discovered HamSphere. After 1 week on HS3 with callsign 14HS2817, I was able to use the very new HS4 system and it was THE “revelation” … Now I can’t live without HS4!!!

Since 5 years now, after a car crash and some back problems that don’t permit me to work, I have lot of free time that I can spent with my 1st passion the Radio through HS4. Since 2014 I manage the Facebook group HS4 pour les francophones where all HS4 activities and info are relayed in french language for help all HS users that don't speak too well the English.

I’m also one of the Late Night DX board member since the beginning.
Likewise, since 6 months I am the DX coordinator on HamSphere for helping and promote all DX activities on HamSphere.
Thanks for have read and I wish you best 73 and see you soon on HS4 de 14HS1 Pat

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Here are some examples of DX countries that we've heard on the HamSphere bands over the past month:


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