HamSphere Newsletter Dec 2012
2012-12-10 15:55
Dear HamSphere Operators

Welcome to the Dec 2012 Edition of the HamSphere Newsletter.
Season Greetings for this time of the year.

HamSphere released

We have released update that fixes the latest issues with Java 7 version 6 that created some problems in older versions.

Download here


* Error 1012 issues
* Graphics problems in Mac
* Buttons that stopped working in Mac
* Skin transparency issue with wrong fonts
* SSTV latency, gappy lines, sync issues.
* Slow screen updates
* Error 1002 when changing servers
* White colored frame around the application.

HamSphere on iPhone and Android

The HamSphere iPhone app is now downloadable from the Apple app store.

The HamSphere Android app is downloadable from the HamSphere Facebook group. Join the group and find the event "HamSphere Android Beta 2". There you can download the APK file and get help from other beta testers. You can also share your experience with the app.

New Facebook Group

Due to an unforeseen event we lost our old Facebook group. However we have started a new group and we got a proper URL this time. http://www.facebook.com/groups/HamSphere
If you used to follow us on Facebook you will need to rejoin our new group to keep up to speed on events and other actions.

Contest Results

We have completed three contest since the last Newsletter,
Here are the results:

CANADA Thanksgiving QSO Party 2012
1st, 2HS9312, UNITED STATES, 204960 points
2nd, 50HS100, RUSSIAN FEDERATION, 201600 points
3rd, LY3BHY, LITHUANIA, 157500 points

HamSphere CW QRP Party Autumn 2012
1st, 43HS031 shared with PA3CWG, Australia, 9 points
2nd, UT1ZZ, Ukraine, 8 points
3rd, EX0O, KYRGYZSTAN, 7 points

UK QSO Party 2012
1st 2E1ICU, UNITED KINGDOM, 190944 points
2nd GM1FXJ, SCOTLAND, 100392 points
3rd MM6SOM, UNITED KINGDOM, 90068 points

The UK contest had the most involvement from HamSphere Users so far.

HamSphere Christmas contest 2012

You can Join the next contest "HamSphere Christmas contest 2012" in advance here The sprint contest starts 2012-12-26 at 08:30 UTC and runs for 2.5 hours.

QSL Card editing

Some users have asked if it is possible to add your country on the QSL templates. And it is. Simply add your country to your QTH by clicking settings in the HamSphere webpage menu.

Also on the QSL card editing template users should know that the TEXT can be altered such as SIZE of FONT and Color of the TEXT.
Simply left click on the red box displays the numbers to change for text size and also the click on the color box displays more choices to chose the color that suits the background of the photo !!

HamSphere cluster / chat

HamSphere is a voice communication system, but subscribing users can also enter text messages in the cluster. These messages are meant to be short messages for the purpose of Ham Radio communication.

We'd like to see less of:
* zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz's and hmmmmmmmmmmmm's
* Text conversations with texting back and forth. This clogs up the cluster. Use a voice conversation instead.

Please keep your chat messages in the cluster to a minimum and absolutely no advertising.

Second operator rules

We'd like to remind our operators that the so called "Second Operator" operation is not allowed on HamSphere.
"Second operator" is the concept of letting someone else use your station/callsign under your supervision. Your callsign / account is personal and you may not let anyone else use it under any circumstance.


HamSphere users are getting more comfortable in working DX stations which is good.
We found a pretty good and comprehensive page about DX operation: http://dx-code.org/english.html

We can see that some users attempt to use more of the HamSphere bands and frequencies than 7055 kHz.
It is great to hear others calling CQ and having QSO’s on the quiet portions of the Hamsphere Spectrum.


When users see and hear new DX Stations they need to have patience with these DX stations as they still learn and get familiar with the software. We suggest that you call once and then if no answer return another time before hounding the unfamiliar Station with continued pile-up calls.

If a more experienced HamSphere User is acting as frequency control helping a DX Station it is very important to listen for instructions when to call and learn to listen and only transmit when asked and follow the control operators style in HELPING DX STATIONS.

Listening will give all users the awareness of the routine in making connection with the NEW COUNTRY
Exchange for these QSO’s should be brief and only make reference to the QSO [ Callsigns / name / QTH / Signal report & thank you ]. No need to discuss any other information. The DX station & Controller can request users for more information but generally basic information & short transmission is required for confirmation QSL CARDS.

HamSphere would like to thank the users for respecting our wish to only send QSL cards when a QSO has been completed. On the whole our users have become a lot better in respecting this rule and for that we are thankful.

Finally, full callsigns should be used when entering a QSO and when you identify your station. This indicates that you are proud of your callsign and conduct in the true spirit of HAM RADIO.

DX Countries

In the month of November 2012 sign ups consisted of 142 different countries with 4190 users and the ratio between Radio Enthusiasts and Licensed call signs were 70% HS call signs and 30% Ham Call signs. We have seen an increase in the change of HS call signs to legal Ham Call signs. We have upgraded some 600 HS users to Ham Call signs over the past years. Congratulations to your newly acquired licenses.

HamSphere is contributing to many HS Users studying and passing HAM RADIO tests worldwide and getting their own licensed call sign.
This is really encouraging to see how educational HamSphere can be.

Rare DX Operators from the following countries have been active (And verified via IP-number) on HamSphere since the last News Letter.


WEFax on HamSphere

HF radiofax is also known as WEFAX, although this term is generally used to refer to the reception of weather charts and imagery via satellite. Receiving Weather Images is an exciting hobby. You can transmit and receive weather images over the 30 meter HamSphere band. If you join the Wefax on hamsphere group you can meet others with Weather Image reception interest. The best software and easiest to set up is SeaTTY which can be found at www.hamradio.se. Other software worth trying out is the FLdigi which is free to download and use and covers rtty mt63 etc as well and gives you the ability to transmit wefax.

New software developments

Following things are being considered.

* New Awards. European, African, Asian etc.

* NET SCHEDULE Page. This page will display/ list NET detailed information, such as Net Name, Purpose /Goals, Date /Time & HS Frequencies for Voice Network meetings on HamSphere. Including a list of Net Controllers with related Rules regarding conducting operation. On this Forum page any interested HS Users may JOIN this Net, thus creating a small membership database specific for this Net /Group Newsletter announcements.

* Live shortwave interface. Many users are curious about shortwave Ham Radio. We are in the process of sampling a small portion of the shortwave spectrum and interface with HamSphere with real SDR technology.

And as a sneak preview we'd like to mention HamSphere 4.0 which will be something completely new. HS 4.0 will consist of downloadable modules that you plugin and build your own Amateur Radio station, You will be able to plugin Power Amplifiers, Antennas, Yagies, Long wires, Mic processors, Filters, CW modules, FM/AM/LSB/DSB modules, log programs, Shortwave/EchoLink/D-Star interfaces etc. HS 4.0 is still on the drawing board but development will commence in 2013.

BC Band 48 meters

Steve Miller is running the DX Power Hour Of Music only found on HamSphere 48 meter Band..
Upcoming broadcasts:

1) December 23rd, DX Power Hr broadcasting a 1 hour enchore presentation of the Doo Wop Show followed by 1&1/2 hr of Holiday music.
Sunday start time 3:30pm EST, end time 6pm EST. Universal time link provided in posted new HamSphere group on facebook.
2) February 2nd @ 1600 UTC 3pm EST
3) February 24th @ 1600 UTC 3pm EST again at 2000 UTC 7pm EST.

Darren Lester does re-runs of the popular web show ham nation on every Saturday on the BC band 6225 at 20.00 GMT/UTC this weeks show episode 11 communications Via satellite and next weeks show episode 12 Radio Television.


Ole Codgers Net, First Monday each month 21:00 UTC 10m 28.480.00 kHz,
Paul, 2HS8000 is informing us about a new cod-gers qsl card that will be sent to all participants in the next net.

Latest info from Paul 2HS8000: Mondays 3 Dec net was cancelled by Brian due to outside station interference, we still continued on and did get the opportunity to issue several QSL cards to participants.

Cod-gers net forum thread

Server upgrades

Our cloud server in Reykjavik, Iceland hosted by GreenQloud has been upgraded with more CPU power and memory. We are extremely happy with cloud computing and the ability to instantly scale up or slim down the system.
GreenCloud is a cloud computing center located in Reykjavik and they run their servers on green energy.

If you tune in to the Icelandic server you can hear recordings from the good old Thunder 1530 kHz on the HamSphere 48 meter band. Thunder 1530 was the AFN station in Keflavik Airport and not many recordings from that station exists.


By using our Support Ticket System you can file a support message/question and you will have a reply within 24 hours.


How to subscribe?

The HamSphere annual subscription costs 30 Euro which is about $40 USD and includes all our features even the iPhone and Android apps. Click here If you are interested in subscribing to HamSphere and get all features

Lost Password

How do I get a new password? We get this question often.
Here are two links to fix this.

Click here to get a new password
Click here to set your own password

If it still doesn't work, please contact our support and we will manually give you a new password.

HamSphere on Twitter and FaceBook

We have now received over 6590 Likes on FaceBook – Thank you FB users.
And thank you to over 2500 followers on Twitter. Super!!

Silent Key

We regret to inform that Preston Murray WB2AIG has passed only 55 years old.
Preston was a long time admin on Hamsphere. We are all feeling the loss and he will be sadly missed.
Our condolences and deepest sympathy to his family.
One day the QSO will continue. Rest In Peace Preston.

Next newsletter will be out in 2013

Thank you for your continued Support.

Kelly 5B4AIT
HamSphere Founder