Software does not start due to Audio problems
2010-07-15 14:21
If the software gives you an audio device error, please follow this instruction:

Type the command /devices in the chat. It will give you a list of available device.
Usually the software refuses to start when the recording device is missing.

In new "on board" audio devices the driver is not activated until a microphone is connected. Please, before you start asking about this, connect a microphone to your computers mic input.

Audio commands
/devices - List available audio devices

/play 0 - Set playback device 0. You can change this whenever. Output will change on the fly.

/record 1 - Set playback device 1. You can change this whenever. Input will change on the fly.

Make sure you use the mixer by hitting F9 in order to assign the microphone and set its level for each device. If you are running Windows, you can also engage the mixer by doing Start->Run->sndvol32 or sndvol

Audio settings will be stored in the config file.
Note! Set maximum mic level to end ALC scale.

You can test the microphone level by using HamSphere's Echo-Server.
Tune the 6 meter band and the frequency 50.12345
Set the microphone level, press PTT and speak into the microphone.
1 second after you have released the PTT, the server will play your recorded message back so you will get an idea about your audio quality and levels. Up to 1 minute audio will be echoed back.