X( Hamsphere and real radio.
2010-07-06 09:53
There has been some conversation within the forum concerning the exam and connecting Hamsphere to a radio or repeater.

For clarification:

The Hamsphere exam does not constitute training, examination, or licensing as a Radio Amateur under any jurisdiction. It does not allow operation on-air outside of the Hamsphere environment.

The exam is meant to help new users who are not already licensed operators to gain an understanding of the radio and on-air operations through reading the manuals and completing the exam.

Do not attempt to use a Hamsphere callsign to operate a real radio as this could lead to a ban from licensing, a fine and / or imprisonment dependant on your jurisdiction.


As Hamsphere is open to non-licence operators it would be a breach of your licensing conditions to connect Hamsphere to an real, RF emitting, radio and could lead to confiscation of equipment, loss of license, a fine and / or imprisonment dependant on your jurisdiction.

Do not connect Hamsphere to a radio or repeater as you would with Echolink or similar systems which can only be accessed by licensed operators..


Hamsphere Forum Moderator