How to store Memories in MEM bank
2010-01-27 16:42
Hamsphere allows you to store up to 9 different frequencies. If you operate on the same band and frequency often, this feature will come in handy.

After you have logged in and Hamsphere is up and running, go to one of your favorite frequencies. Once on the frequency, press the VFO/MR button and a green light will be lit. You will notice that the right portion of the display is illuminated and the frequency readout is now darkened. Click on any one of the 9 boxes and the outline will illuminate. Now press the ENT button. Once you have pressed the ENT button the frequency is stored in that spot.
After saving up to 9 different frequencies, you can simply go into the VFO/MR mode, by pressing that button and switch frequencies by clicking on any of the boxes.