CW Keyboard Stored Macros (Using the "F" Keys)
2010-01-18 19:51
CW Keyboard Stored Macros
Using your "F" Keys to store text Information

When you switch to CW mode, the F1 through F8 keys change from the way they behave in DSB mode into keyboard macro keys.

You can set the definition of these in the Chat box. Hamsphere will save your macros for you so you don't need to re-enter them at the start of each CW session.

/fX , where X is the function key number,
between 1 and 8

You might set up your macros something like the set below. If you program a good set of macros, hitting function keys will replace a lot of repetitive typing during CW operation.

For Example:
/f1 cq cq cq de 5B4AIT 5B4AIT 5B4AIT cq de 5B4AIT +

/f2 de 5B4AIT

/f3 de 5B4AIT k


/f5 tnx for the call = ur rst is 599

/f6 = name here is Kelly Kelly = qth is Cypress Cypress = hw copy?

/f7 de yourcall @ tu ee

/f8 vvv vvv vvv de yourcall +

Other Function Keys

These function keys work the same in both DSB and CW modes:

F9: Opens your sound card's audio mixer control panel

F10: Not used

F11: /users (all logged-on visible Hamsphere users)

F12: Each press toggles between /users qrg (list of users on
frequency) and /users band (list of users on the band).

(The “F” key function is also explained in other “How To” sections)

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