Hamsphere CW Operation Overview
2010-01-18 19:45
Hamsphere CW Operation

CW Mode

Enter CW mode by clicking the DSB/CW button, or by typing /cw in
the Chat box. The LED over the CW label will come on.

CW Operation Overview

When you activate CW mode, the transceiver automatically switches to the narrow CW filter.

The transceiver operates in full break-in full QSK mode.

The sidetone you hear while you are sending is your actual Hamsphere transmitted signal. While you are sending, what you hear is the actual signal that any other Hamsphere user on frequency
will hear. You can vary the sidetone frequency using the /offset command.

The transceiver incorporates its own CW keyboard that you can configure to send at speeds between 1 and 60 words per minute via the /speed command.

The keyboard supports stored macros using the F1 through F8 keys.

You can't connect an external straight key or paddles right now, but that's an enhancement that Kelly is contemplating for a future release.

Enter your text to be transmitted into the Chat box.
When you hit the Enter key the transceiver will automatically enter the transmit mode, your text will pop up in the Cluster window highlighted in boldface, and the transceiver will begin sending.

The keyboard queues the text you send, so you don't have to wait for the transceiver to finish sending a line of text before you enter the next line. Just keep typing and entering text; the transceiver will stack up all your unsent text and send it as a continuous transmission.

If the other station breaks in to comment on what you've sent QSK, momentarily click the PTT button to stop your transmission and clear all the text you've stacked up.