How do I use the /play and /record Commands
2010-01-17 22:19
There is no Video regarding this topic because of the various sound cards. Your "devices" will list differently than those listed below.
If you have a problem setting your "device's", read the explanation below carefully. If you still have a problem, post it in this Forum under the topic "Technical Problems and Videos" and an Admin will help you with your particular problem.

Please refer back to the /devices Command FAQ for additional information.

Using the /play and /record Commands.

Hamsphere lets you change sound cards, too, independently for both the playback channels and the receive channels, using the /play and /record commands.

You can change the sound card used for playback audio using the /play command, switching to any of the listed devices, using the device number to identify the card to Hamsphere. For instance, if I type the following command…

/play 1

…the program will switch its playback audio to the C-Media device, which I learned during my experiment above, is my USB headset. I’ll hear folks chatting, now, through my headset.

To switch my headset’s microphone over to Hamsphere, I’d use the /record command, once again giving it the number of the sound device I’d like to use for my transmitted audio:

/record 1

Now Hamsphere is using my USB headset for both playback and record.

You can confirm that by issuing the /devices command once again.

Available playback devices:
0: Primary Sound Driver
1: C-Media USB Audio Device
2: SigmaTel Audio
3: Java Sound Audio Engine

Available recording devices:
0: Primary Sound Capture Driver
1: C-Media USB Audio Device
2: SigmaTel Audio

Current playback device: 1
Current recording device: 1

/play and /record are most useful for changing your audio devices on the fly after, say, plugging in a USB headset, and switching over to it without having to shut down and re-launch Hamsphere.

These commands are also useful if you have more than one internal sound card installed in your system. You can tell Hamsphere to use the card to which you’ve connected your microphone and speakers.

To temporarily switch Hamsphere’s playback audio to the speakers simply tell Hamsphere to use your computer’s internal sound card, the one connected to your speakers, for its playback. Give Hamsphere the following command:

/play 2

That tells Hamsphere to use sound device number 2, the SigmaTel sound card, for its playback audio. You’ll now hear audio through your speakers instead of your headset.

You can restore playback audio through your headset by telling Hamsphere to use the first audio device, the C-Media sound card, with the following command:

/play 1
Audio is now playing back through your headset.