CW: Using the F1 through F12 Keys - Off Set
2010-01-14 04:25
Using the “F1 through F12” Keys in CW – You can make use of the “F” keys to save you a lot of time and typing. You can “record” various strings of information automatically. When using CW there are strings of text that are common to each QSO, for instance your QTH, your name, etc... You also use CQ CQ CQ when calling for a contact. Here is how to prerecord any message using any of the “F” keys:
To set a prerecorded CQ call for my station I would type:
/f1 cq cq cq cq de N1TKO N1TKO k. Then press the F! KEY. A message under the main frequency readout will verify that your message has been saved.

REMEMBER... You must type the letter “f” and then the “1,2,3, etc” numeral. Pressing the actual F1 Key will not work for setting this up.

Now, in the CW mode, press your F1 key and then hit Enter on your keyboard. Your "pre recorded message will appear in the text box. Press ENTER on your keyboard and your CQ will be sent.

Another example would be to prerecord your QTH (location). To do this I would type the following;
/f2 QTH hr QTH hr is Boston Boston, Massachusetts.
You can program in any messages you like with the F1 through the F12 keys.