CW: Set Mode, Set Speed
2010-01-14 04:16
Set CW Mode – If you like to work some CW here's how it's done. Turn your Hamsphere Transceiver on as usual. Go to the frequency where you want to transmit. Press the DSB/CW button. You will see in the Chat/DX Cluster box a message indicating that you are in the CW Mode and to Start typing your CW message. So enter the message you want to send, for example, CQ CQ CQ CQ de 123HS123 and then press enter on your keyboard. Your message will be sent.

Set CW Speed - When sending CW, you probably want to send at a speed that you are comfortable with copying. If you are able to copy 8 wpm (words per minute) then you should send your CQ out at that speed. If you are more proficient at CW, then set your speed accordingly. To set a speed of 10 WPM, in the Chat Box you would type the following Command: /speed 10 If you want to send at 18 WPM you would type, /speed 18 and so on.